ExcelK9™ Rewards Biscuits

Reward your pet daily (or many times a day) with Excel K9 Rewards.

Reward your dog for being good with something good for your dog for a change.  Unlike conventional grain-laden dog biscuits, delicious and healthy, all natural ExcelK9™ Rewards are the perfect treat to give your four legged friend when they have done something well or just when you feel they need a little extra love.  And you can feel good in knowing that they are getting an all natural GMO-free snack that combines the natural anti-inflammatory and coat boosting benefits of ExcelK9™ with premium organic ingredients.


ExcelK9™ Rewards complement ExcelK9™ and provide these benefits:

  • All natural anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Improves coat condition/aids in shedding prevention
  • Supports a healthy heart & blood circulation
  • Reduces effects from allergies by boosting the immune system
  • Aids in maintaining mental alertness in older dogs
  • Pairs perfectly with ExcelK9™


Reward your pet daily (or many times a day) with ExcelK9 Rewards.

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