10 Ways to improve your horse show setup !

Horse Show Set-Up

Below are easy and affordable options for your Horse Show Set-Up!

1. Bring a Mini-Fridge with a Freezer

From keeping food fresh (lunch for you) to keeping your ice boots cold (joint support for them), everyone LOVES when I bring the fridge with our setup. I got my fridge from amazon.com for about $260 after shipping. But, if you live in a college town, you might be in luck. Check out Facebook Marketplace to see if there are any finds! My friend snagged hers from a student who was moving for $35!

2. Set-up a Microwave

Microwaves are so useful in a horse show setting. First, it can save you a lot of money on that expensive horse show food! Instead of a $14 sandwich, you can heat up your leftovers from last night!

Sharp Microwave Horse Show
Sharp Microwave Is Perfect For Any Horse Show Set-up

I use this small microwave that I got second hand and it has been reliable. While it cost me around $59 secondhand, you can find it here for about $78. I have definitely saved so much money on food since my husband and I started bringing this with us. This means we can save for a new bridle!

3. Use Chairs/Patio Furniture

Horse show Set-up
Patio Furniture Looks GREAT At Horse Shows

Horse shows are hard work and at some point, you will need to sit down! Even if it is just to eat at 6 am…From wire chairs to wooden benches, any style will really do! I personally use a set that includes a love seat, two chairs AND a center table. I got this for a snag on Facebook Market place for only $75!

4. Use a White Board to Stay Organized

Horse Show Set-up White Board
Horse Show White Board Keeping Us Organized!

This will 100% keep you organized at a horse show. I use this to write down emergency contact numbers, daily schedules, horses present, and any important information! This keeps everyone organized and teaches time management to our smaller students! I especially find this helpful when there is someone else feeding me. Some of my horses get 2oz of their ExcelEQ ProElite while my harder keepers get 4oz. 

5. Tool Box

A great horse show setup requires some serious “arts and crafts” skills. Because you never know what the day will bring you should be prepared with the basics. 

Horse show Tool Box
Small Stanley Tool Box Fits All The Essentials

My toolbox includes: 



Screw Driver




Duct Tape  


Index Cards

and other essentials! 

6. Plastic Storage Bins

Unlike shelving units, these drawers keep items organized without risking the dust and grime that some of these horse show venues have. This will keep those white saddle pads clean, dogs out of the horse treats, and towels dry! This 3-drawer storage unit at walmart.com is my GO-TO! 

7. Large Bucket

A large bucket for all of your wash stall items. Even if you only plan to use a handful of items, use this bucket as your carrying tool back and forth to the wash stall. This can also be a good way to sponge off your horse or touch up before a class.

5 Gallon Excel ProElite Bucket
5 Gallon Excel Bucket Perfect For Holding Wash Products

If you often purchase a 5-Gallon Bucket from us, it is the PERFECT way to carry all your wash products around! And- no one will mistake it for a water bucket!

8. Bread Box/Grooming Box

Always jealous of those fancy wooden wall-hanging grooming boxes? Well instead of spending $300-$500 on a grooming box, check out these large bread boxes. They are extremely similar to the grooming boxes but are available for as low as $40!!

Etsy Bread Box
Vintage Two Tiered Box Perfect For Grooming Supplies!

My personal favorite is this 2 Tiered Bread Box from Etsy. With a couple of easy additions from the hardware store, you are ready to store all your grooming supplies in style! 

9. Step Stool

A step stool at a horse show has so many uses. Aside from using it to mount, you can use this all around your horse show setup!

Werner Ladder
Werner Ladder is a great portable option for mounting!

I personally like to bring two- one to use for mounting that we also bring on the golf cart, and the other for braiding, washing heads, and for most of the setup! The aluminum Werner ladder shown above is my favorite. You can pick this up for around $45 from Lowes

10. Cell Phone Charger

Yup, a tale as old as time. You get to the show at 6 am to feed and start to prepare for the morning. Your phone is playing music, you are texting back and forth with a student, you are ordering hay for later that evening- and before you know it, it’s dead. AW! Cell phones- while they have their downsides- are important in the barn in case of emergency. Because severe sickness can happen so quickly in horses, being able to call your vet right then and there could make the difference.

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