5 Excellent Race-Day Recipes

“Race day is here and they’re off!” 

It’s the first Saturday of May. Churchill Downs and America’s kitchens are bustling with activity. The athletic Thoroughbred colts, betting, and big hats might bring people all throughout the US together, but great food and drinks are needed to watch the race. Instead of chewing down your nails at the suspense of who will win, chow down on these five tasty recipes that will spark you and your guests’ taste buds!

RECIPE #1: Benedictine Dip

Benedictine dip is made with simple ingredients to dip simple veggies in or used as a spread upon a sandwich. With fresh and zesty ingredients like cucumber, cream cheese, and onion with possible add ins like fresh dill, hot sauce to spice it up. With these simple ingredients, the dip is a quickly made by cutting up the fresh veggies and putting it all in a blender to efficiently mix it up. 

RECIPE #2: The Hot Brown

This Kentucky tradition is a much needed dish served at your Derby Day party. It is an open-faced sandwich with a base layer of bread, then added layers of turkey and/or ham, sliced tomatoes, Parmesan cheese (or with a mix of cheddar cheese), and to top it off a couple slices of bacon. The Hot Brown is filling and savory to make an excellent lunch meal or snack, worth the effort to make.

RECIPE #3: Classic Bourbon Mint Julep Cocktail

The Mint Julep Cocktail is the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby that can be made in the comforts of your own Derby party! The popularity of this drink at Churchill Downs will make you popular throughout the crowd of your Derby Day party. The Mint Julep Cocktail only has 3 ingredients: mint sprigs, sugar cubes or simple syrup, bourbon whiskey, and served over crushed ice with a garnish of mint. It does take the right set of drink mixing tools and practice to create this popular drink. To serve this drink to your guests, you need the cocktail to be placed in a silver or pewter cup to keep the chill of the drink. 

RECIPE #4: Oaks Lily Cocktail

Another drink that can be made for your Derby party guests is the Oaks Lily Cocktail. This cocktail is perfect for someone looking for something light, refreshing, and fruity. In this highball class contains Vodka, Orange liqueur, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and cranberry juice with a garnish of blackberries and a lemon wheel. Mixing the Oaks Lily is an easy affair – just mix all the contents into a highball glass with ice and stir! 

RECIPE #5: Kentucky Derby Chocolate Walnut Pie

This desert recipe is perfect to celebrate when your winning Thoroughbred colt has won the Kentucky Derby! The Chocolate Walnut Pie is close the Pecan Pie, but contains walnuts, chocolate, and Kentucky bourbon whiskey. Make in advance and set out to cool while enjoying some of the other recipes listed above! 

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