March 19, 2020 by

  There’s been a common thought going on over the past few weeks with the current global crisis over COVID-19;...

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“When it’s not fun, we go home.”

February 21, 2020 by

“When it’s not fun, we go home.” Those were the precise words my parents repeatedly told me growing up when...

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Mandy Brown AvatarMandy Brown

Love! Feed to all my animals, amazing supplement.

Amanda Jessiman AvatarAmanda Jessiman

I love the results from ExcelEq. Have tried many different supplements to keep my horses looking good. Nothing compares to this.

Tiffany Gilliam AvatarTiffany Gilliam

I have an OTTB that had colic surgery. During the ordeal and spending a week in the ICU at Littleton he lost over 200 pounds. He is on a very strict refeeding regimen to help protect and heal his gut. Unfortunately it will take over a month to get him up to full hay, and alfalfa/grains/supplements can’t be added in until he has reached full portions of grass. This is not a horse that has ever been an easy keeper, and bitter cold Colorado winters at 8,000 feet elevation isn’t doing him any favors. Excel EQ is one of the only things my vet said is okay to add in early. Within a week or so he started to look brighter, and his coat and condition is improving daily. He has a long way to go, but this has given us a big leg up!


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