USEF and FEI safe

Competition Safe

Excel Supplements utilizes its own oil seeds, has direct relationships with our growing farms, and the processing of our oils is performed in facilities free from contamination of any prohibited or forbidden performance substances. In light of heightened regulatory considerations, we are taking the extra step of providing this information about our “clean” product to the general public and for any future reference needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Excel Supplements puts your satisfaction at the core of everything we do. If you are not satisfied with your Excel purchase and/or do not notice a difference in your animal within the first 30 days of consistently feeding product, please return the unused portion and we will refund the full purchase price of your order.

All Natural and Non GMO


The Excel team has actively bred and developed non-GMO Camelina varieties for years without the need for harsh chemicals and pesticides in the growth process. All Excel products are the result of intense research, development and, importantly, the selection of the highest quality natural ingredients to provide unique, animal specific functionalities.

Vet Approved

Vet Approved

With nutrition at the core of animal health, Excel products do not take the short-cuts taken by many food and supplement companies. The end product is raw and pure, with outstanding efficacy thanks to years of research, crop development, and optimized cold pressing techniques. With Camelina at the core of all Excel products, the improved health of thousands of animals around the world are a credit to the incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support found in this plant’s omega rich oil.

  • Nikki Jo Armstrong

    A gallon of excel eq was sent to me with a yearling colt that I purchased out of Texas in... read more

    Danielle Hendrick

    I love the way my horses look and feel since they've been on Excel. My black stayed black all summer... read more

    Sheri Ann Fort

    I have a 30 year old Gelding he gets around better even plays likes a young colt with the other... read more

  • Denise Bates Kean

    Good product! makes my horses shine!

    Tricia Sarchett

    I have been using Excel EQ for over a year now and my horses have never looked better. I... read more

    Della Stevens

    I started my horses on ExcelEQ a couple of years ago and was so excited about how well it worked... read more

  • Regina Sokolik

    Excel Eq is the best supplement I have ever used! It has given all 10 of my horses a new... read more

    Karol Giljam Gerling

    restores health to horses and canines . heals wounds.

    Shelby Murray

    Excel EQ always keeps my stud looking and feeling
    great! He’s healthy from the inside out and it really shows! His...
    read more

  • Heather Louisiana

    I use ExcelEQ on all 6 horses and the K9 on my dog. It has improved each of them in... read more

    Susan Morgan

    My daughters use Excel EQ for their High Performance Horses and they have never been in better shape.....Totally thrilled to... read more

    Molly Hinken

    Great product!

  • Lindsay Moyes

    I love Excel Supplements, especially the ExcelEQ ProElite! My horses all look & feel great on it + they... read more

    Jennifer Courtepatte

    Hands down the best product on the market! 'Proof is in the pudding' with this's the real deal!

    Kelly Oesch

    Excel is wonderful for all around health and great for injuries when applied directly to the wound along with Rescue.

  • Liz Murphy

    I have been using the K9 Excel since my dog was a puppy, she remains to be healthy and her... read more

    Kiira Lizza

    I have my mare on the Excel ProElite and her coat and weight have never looked better. She is a... read more

    Krysti Lee

    My gelding (Twix) struggles with holding weight and looking healthy through the winter but because of Excel EQ, he has... read more

  • Abbee Hupp

    I love this product so much. Highly reccomend to all of my horse friends. Made my horses coat softer then... read more

    Lynn Shipes-Mckinney

    Love it, not only do I think it helped my horse with ulcers, I think he is moving better and... read more

    Lindi Zettle

    Totally love it! I had a horse with pssm. He was sore and off and on lame. Excel eq helped... read more

  • Dakota Hudgens

    Love your product and what it does for my horses!

    Gabrielle Williams

    I started using Excel EQ ProElite on my mare last summer a few months after she was diagnosed and treated... read more

    Deborah Thomas

    Just started using ExcelEQ on all 10 horses Really noticed a differences in their coat after 1 month. ... read more

  • Carol Lowery

    I started using Excel on my older mare and was so impressed how it helped her arthritis when a... read more

    Kamee Sabrosky

    My 29 year old paint gelding loves it and feels like a 5 year old again. Everyday I get a... read more

    Samantha Jo Gullickson

    Love Excel EQ !! Mare looks great and feels great !! Thanks again for a great product !

  • MacKenzie Mitchell

    GREAT product for healthy pets and those who have health problems!

    Halley Bell

    Great, all natural products! My horses, 3 years old to 22 years old, thrive on ExcelEQ and ExcelEQ ProElite. Great,... read more

    Denise Robinson

    Started using Excel EQ almost a year ago on mare mare with allergys. Now use on all my horses and... read more

  • Janica Barz

    My boys have never been so shiny!!! They love the EQ

    Maureen Martin

    love this product.
    my gelding went through a indoor arena wall and cut two arteries. had 8 stitches...
    read more

    Sara Van Den Elzen

    Excel EQ is a cost effective supplement that provides all-around benefits for your horse. The rigors of training - all... read more

  • Nikki Rowe

    Excel has been a game changer for my feeding program. I have everything on it in my barn, from broodmares,... read more

    Clearbrook Tack

    We are a not only a dealer but also a user of all Excel products!!! We couldn’t be happier with... read more

    Miranda Langley

    Great product! Has saved me money by not needing any other supplements.

  • A Google User

    Within the past month, T developed a possible grass/weed allergy out in his paddock. Each day he would come into... read more

    Becca Stojanik Davis

    I have my dogs and horse on this product. I have noticed a difference in my older dog’s coat/skin and... read more

    Tanya Jenkins

    I have had very good luck with Excel Oil. I had a older horse with some issues and Excel really... read more

  • Donald Grant

    Our horses seem happier and healthier when we use excel between shows.

    Char Martin

    Yes! I highly recommend every product that Excel Supplements makes. I have represented the company for 5 years... read more

    Taylor Hildreth

    I have been feeding ExcelEQ to my barrel horses for four years and am still so happy with the results.... read more

  • Theresa Hartman

    Superb results with Excel EQ! Really can see a remarkable difference in my horses! Thank you!

    Kyle Davis

    Best supplement ever! Tried all kinds of other supplements for one with allergies and one that would limp after... read more

    Diane Axmann

    I use Excel EQ for my 5 horses and 2 dogs. Great stuff!

  • Helen Gallaway

    My horses, my dogs and my family all take Excel products. I haven't seen one customer yet that hasn't seen... read more

    Jonathan Gauthier

    This supplement has been a huge contributor to our success. I give credit to ExcelEQ for all the WoWs, the... read more

    Amy Christine Wiggs

    I started giving Excel EQ to my 8 YO QH mare. This mare used to be in reining heavily... read more

  • Barb Catwrangler

    In 5 weeks Excel EQ made my unridable stiff, gimpy navicular syndrome arthritic horse feel good enough to take me... read more

    Abby Chavez

    As new trainers to the reining industry there are so many things to think and worry about and ever since... read more

    Debbie Ann Haskin

    works great on my pssm1 mare,

  • Amanda Van Den Bussche

    Love this product! It's been a great addition to our feed program and we use the Rescue salve on everyone,... read more

    Debbie Crafton

    This is BAR NONE..... the best product I have ever used!!! It is for REAL...... I have a lot of... read more

    Wendy Loper

    fabulous product!! only product that has helped my cushings mare loose her nasty long hair!!

  • Nello Gabi

    Pferd und Hunde sind fit und es schmeckt ihnen super!!!

    Joan Schaefer

    Excel EQ is an excellent supplement!!!! Easy to feed with amazing results!! Love K9 Excel for our dogs!!! Such... read more

    Steph Grant

    I give my dog buddy one pump a day and we have seen a decrease in his pain level.

  • Thomas Petraroli

    Fantastico �un prodotto unico.
    Continuero ad usarlo sicuramente.
    Grandi risultati.

    Aubrey Backscheider

    Great product!

    Angela Newhouse

    It is a must have in my barn! Knowing my horses are healthy inside and out is a great feeling!


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We have devoted our lives to animals and ensuring they are given only the finest products so they can be their best, inside and out.  We are focused on delivering 100% natural, limited ingredient products that change the lives of our animals by availing them of the many unique properties of the Camelina plant.  We exclusively cultivate and manufacture our products to guarantee they are of the highest quality for your animals. If you are interested in joining our Excel family, please contact us!  

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What makes us different?

Our proprietary blend of natural oils contains up to 45% of the valuable omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and provides a unique balance of omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. The favorable fatty acid profile, along with important antioxidants, polyphenols and sterols, support the production of anti-inflammatory compounds for increased vitality and health of your animal.

The bio-availability of Excel Supplements™ ensures that these essential components directly benefit your animal. Natural vitamin E, which is more easily utilized by the body than synthetic forms, together with polyphenols act as antioxidants for longer shelf-life and extra health benefits.