ExcelEQ ProElite’s newest partner—Shine Hoof Oil!

April 29, 2020 by

Excel Supplements Shine Hoof Oil Have you ever heard the saying, “No hoof, no horse?” The definition of that phrase...

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March 19, 2020 by

  There’s been a common thought going on over the past few weeks with the current global crisis over COVID-19;...

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Janica Barz AvatarJanica Barz

My boys have never been so shiny!!! They love the EQ

Raeleen Childers Buxton AvatarRaeleen Childers Buxton

Love Equine EQ! Overall conditioning is so much better and I see a big difference using it myself too! PS the Recover salve is pretty awesome too...

Jen S McCabe AvatarJen S McCabe

I have been using Excel EQ for just over a year now with my two mustang geldings and our rescued Arabian mare. We live in an area of CA that still has water restrictions and so I don't bathe my horses very often at all - just a good grooming. After a few months on Excel, we noticed that the horse's coats were exceptionally shiny when groomed, almost gleaming. Unlike other supplements we have tried, they have NO problem wolfing down nightly "special dinners" with their Excel on top, and I don't mind adding it - easy to use gallon size with pump goes on well and smells good. I have tried soooo many combinations of feed and supplements to keep my older guy (with Cushings) happy and healthy, my younger mustang (with history of hindgut ulcers) going well on trail patrol/endurance rides, and attempting to put weight back on our Arab mare - Excel is an integral part of our program, and I recommend it to all our friends. Thank you so much for an exceptional product!!!