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At Excel Supplements animal health is at the core of everything we do. First and foremost, improving animal health starts with education for pet owners. Our animal blog covers horse health, dog health, and so much more.

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Signs of Worms in Horses

Horse Deworming: Where Do I Start?

There are many different opinions when it comes to deworming your horse. Is there a deworming schedule you should follow? How often do you need to deworm your horse and do you even need to? We have compiled the top facts about deworming your horse that will be important to understand before making any plans!

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Why create an animal health blog?

Both long time and new pet owners should be aware of common form illnesses in their animals. Not to mention, how to recognize skin infections, internal parasites, dental disease and so much more. Excel’s health approach consists of researching common health problems and connecting it to real life management and prevention.

Unlike other horse blogs and dog blogs out there, our writers cover hot topics they are passionate about. When one of our teammates adopts a dog, we are there to research and deliver the facts. Not to mention, we take great pride in the discovery of new treatments common in dogs and horses. Especially when they are aligned with the camelina products we provide to combat common form issues.

Horse Health Topics

Domestic horses, for example, experience loss of appetite during common issues such as colic. Our article on “Horse colic and how to handle it”, breaks down the basic steps to take in case of an emergency.

And because colic in horses is such a common topic, our writers have explored many different management and prevention methods to help. “How to check if your horse is dehydrated” and “Managing horses in hot weather”, are two great examples of helpful resources to horse owners.

However, keep in mind, these articles are meant to help an animal owner looking to expand their knowledge. It is recommended if your horse is experiencing colic like symptoms to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Dog Health Topics

Canine health, on the other hand, has other hot topic issues such as managing allergies. “Everything you need to know about allergies in dogs”, for example, is a great resource for dog owners. Not to mention, topics like; ear infections, dehydration symptoms, skin disease and hair loss to name a few.

Animal Health Comes First

All in all, our team at Excel is passionate about our animals and yours. Not only do we take pride in our research and discoveries, but we also have a great time doing it. Everyday, we are constantly learning something new about animal health and prevention. To keep up with what hot topics are out now, follow us on social media or sign up for our mailing list!

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