ExcelEQ ProElite Oil Therapy and It’s Benefits on Hindgut Horse Ulcers

ProElite Camelina Oil Helps Horse Ulcers

ExcelEQ ProElite Oil Therapy and It’s Benefits on Hindgut Horse Ulcers Study results using stall side fecal occult blood testing. Facebook-f Instagram Twitter Linkedin-in Pinterest Background:  It is well known that most performance horses in training or competition suffer from discomfort caused by gastric ulceration. While stomach ulcers are readily identified via gastroscopy, hindgut conditions […]


PSSM Horses in a pasture next to a fence

Polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM) is characterized by the abnormal accumulation of muscle glycogen.

FEI Show Safe

What Does FEI Show Safe Really Mean? By: Dr. Julie Vargas, DVM How many equine competitors know the rules and regulations surrounding the supplements they use? Finding products that are guaranteed regulation safe for top performance horses can be hard, even for the most seasoned horse owner. From herbal supplements to commonly used medicines, all […]

Winter Equine Nutrition

Excel Supplements Winter Equine Nutrition

Winter Equine Nutrition By: Dr. Julie Vargas, DVM Equine Nutrition Gaps During the Winter With the dreary days of winter upon us, decreased sunshine and plummeting temperatures take a notable effect on our horse’s nutrition. We will address some insight how to properly maintain winter equine nutrition during the most difficult months. By this time in […]