Should I feed my horse camelina oil?

Fernando Salgado uses Excel camelina oil

Camelina for horses is a new trend popping up in the equestrian world, and there is a good reason for it. Read all about what makes camelina oil’s different, the benefits from Excel, and where to buy camelina oil! Camelina oil ingredients Camelina Sativa, also known as False Flax, is derived from a small flowering […]

Lactate Values in Endurance Horses

blood lactate levels in endurance horses ExcelEQ ProElite benefits

Can supplementing with ExcelEQ ProElite, an omega-3 rich supplement, benefit the lactate blood values in endurance horses? Our “Lactate Value in Endurance Horses” study shows the benefits of supplementing omega-3 fatty acids, such as ExcelEQ ProElite, to their diet. Background: The Importance of Blood Lactate Blood lactate is a value commonly used to assess athletic […]

How to create a balanced diet for your horse

balanced diet for your horse

How do you determine what to feed your horse? A running theme throughout articles regarding a horses diet is BALANCE. But how do we get there? Roon Labs [1.8 B898] VST Crack Creating A Balanced Diet For Your Horse When beginning to address a balanced diet for your horse, first be sure that your horse […]

What is safe to feed a horse with a history of laminitis?


Laminitis can cause many uncomfortable and painful symptoms in horses. The first signs of laminitis are often subtle and can be easily missed. Luckily, horse owners are becoming more aware of these symptoms and what to look for daily in susceptible horses. Sausage Fattener + Endless Smile VST Crack What is laminitis in horses? Laminitis […]

Horse Deworming: Where Do I Start?

Signs of Worms in Horses

There are many different opinions when it comes to deworming your horse. Is there a deworming schedule you should follow? How often do you need to deworm your horse and do you even need to? We have compiled the top facts about deworming your horse that will be important to understand before making any plans!

The Best Treat Recipes!

Peanut Butter Kisses Treat Recipe Picture

The best treat recipes for your dogs and horses that are healthy enough to feed them everyday!! Picked from our staff favorites, these treat recipes are made with whole ingredients and nutritional value. Not to mention they are YUMMY!

Daniel and Lindsay Bedoya: Bedoya Training Stables

Daniel and Lindsay Bedoya Bedoya Training Stables

Favorite Products: ExcelEQ ProElite Read about ExcelEQ ProElite’s most recent study on ulcers! Daniel and Lindsay Bedoya run their own business, Bedoya Training Stables, in Magnolia, Tx. Daniel represents his home country of Bolivia in international competition. Some career highlights include participating in the Bolivarian Games (Bogota, COL), World Equestrian Games 2018, and the 2019 […]

Chuy Chavez

Chuy Chavez

Chuy is a professional rider, trainer and coach who owns and runs Chavez Performances Horses out of Gilroy, California. He has competed at shows like the NRHA Derby and the High Roller Reining Classic. Visit Chavez Performance Horses “Learn to listen when your horse is telling you what he/she needs, and whether you need to […]

Chestnut horse with Excel Pro Elite Camelina Oil horse supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9.

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