Managing Equine Cushing’s Disease – Beau’s Story Part II

Equine Cushing's Disease

In part one, Beau experienced early symptoms of Cushing’s Disease. What started with symptoms of lethargy, difficulty losing weight, and struggling to gain muscle quickly turned into laminitis. After blood work was sent out, Beau received a positive Cushing’s diagnosis. We discussed what Equine Cushing’s Disease is and the changes a horse needs to make […]

Managing Equine Cushing’s Disease – Beau’s Story

Cushing's Disease

After a couple of years taking horseback riding lessons I knew I wanted to have a horse of my own. We looked at many horses, but Beau, a triple-registered Spotted Saddle Horse, came home with us. We began our bond riding western and enjoying state park trail rides. As the years passed, this horse made […]