Equine Gut Health, Camelina Oil, and Omegas

Camelina Oil

Equine Gut Health Our horse’s gut endures a lot more hardships than meets the eye. Symptoms ranging from poor coat quality to weight loss can be from an unhealthy microbiome. Comparatively, a healthy microbiome assists in absorbing maximum nutrients through your pet’s GI tract. Without proper absorption of crucial nutrients, your pet could be suffering. […]

Omega-3 and Muscle Development

Shawn Flarida Reiners

Why is A Balanced Omega Fatty Acid Ratio Important? The trifecta- fatty acids, athletic endurance and muscle development. Fatty acids merge with cell membranes in all tissues and organs of the body when eaten. That means having a correct balance of these fatty acids is important. The balance determines how they effect the horses body. […]

Your Four Legged Valentine

Is Chocolate toxic to dogs?

Happy Valentines Day! The roses and chocolate waiting for you at home or being delivered to your office holiday. If your household is anything like mine then you may get your dogs their own valentines treats as well. This is a wonderful idea because it will help distract your pup from the chocolate that you […]

ExcelK9’s Benefits: Winter Wonder

How Can I Help My Dog Be Less Stiff and Sore I used to always wonder if my dog, Marley,  would be happier if we lived somewhere warmer. His double coat and desire to always be outside makes me think not but his mobility in the winter always had me concerned. After different vet recommended […]

Winter on The Farm

Baby it’s cold outside! And regardless of where you are in the world the temperature and weather changes make for adjusting farm and riding routines. These new routines can include anything from ice prevention and proper warm up techniques before a ride to blanketing and hoof care.  Ice Prevention For those in the south this […]

Your Dogs Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Turkey

As the nation gears up for the Thanksgiving holiday many of us dog owners find ourselves thinking about what foods our meal will include. What about our dogs meals though? Many households follow one of two suits when it comes down to if their pet will receive scraps, all or nothing. You will find those […]

Why You Shouldn’t Eliminate Supplements

Supplements have never been considered a necessity when coming to expenses in the horse world. However, it is important to remember the benefits they do offer and how you could adjust their diet rather than eliminating a supplement. A primary reason why you shouldn’t eliminate supplements in your feeding regiment is if your horse is […]

Is the Quality of My Horses Hay Important?

Importance of Hay Quality

Quality of Hay When responsible for feeding your equine partner it is important that whoever is purchasing their hay knows what they are looking for. Different hays will come with different qualities but as a basic rule of thumb, you want to look for color and cut. If the leaves are brown, it is likely to […]

Save Money on Your Feed Bill: Know What You Are Feeding

When they say horses eat and poop money- they aren’t joking. Feed bills are a huge expense to owning a horse and we want to help you save money on your feed bill! There are basic steps you can take to save money on your feed bill. These more basic steps include proper storage of […]

Leg Protection for Horses While Riding

Show jumpers wear protective boots

Leg protection for horses is a tale as old as time held to a high standard with varying preferences on the type. You may or may not have heard of the saying “no hoof, no horse.” This statement reigns true time and time again. However, continuing up, their legs are next in line to being […]

Chestnut horse with Excel Pro Elite Camelina Oil horse supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9.

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