Car Safety For Dogs

Dogs, especially in today’s society, are a member of the family. This makes the topic of car safety for dogs an utmost concern for many dog owners questioning the best way to travel with their 4 legged friends. We are not here however to tell you the best way to travel with them but to […]

Grooming Tools For Horses

Equestrians are notorious for having their own special ways of doing things and grooming tools for horses is no exception. That being said, we are here to give you a rundown on all the basic grooming tools for your horse and their purposes. While everyone’s grooming box surely looks different, we are confident you will […]

Ways To Keep Water Buckets From Freezing

Do you struggle every winter with your water buckets freezing? It is no easy feat to deal with water buckets freezing. Your time is precious so we are here to help. Below are some tricks to try and keep your water bucket from freezing over this winter. Tricks to Try Place Buckets In An Enclosed Area […]

Omegas, Bioavailability and Your Pet’s Gut

Bioavailability You may find yourself asking, what is bioavailability and why is it important to my animal’s health? The bioavailability of a nutrient is the proportion of the nutrient that is digested, absorbed, and metabolized. Bioavailability is critical to your pet’s gut. Regardless of how much nutrient is present in a supplement, it is meaningless […]

Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Dogs: ALA vs. DHA vs. EPA

omega-3 fatty acids

First things first, if you don’t already know this, listed above are the three primary forms of omega-3 fatty acids. Before we can begin to jump into ALA vs. DHA vs. EPA we first need to understand them. So, let’s break this down for a second and ask ourselves what exactly does ALA, DHA, and […]

Are Plant Based Omegas as Good as Fish Oil?


In society today, it is common to find people who treat their dogs as if they are their children. Cleanliness, happiness, safety and overall health are few of the key factors dog owners bend over backwards to provide for our best friends. In the effort to give our four legged friends only the best, we […]