Best Toys for Horses

Horse toys are the perfect way to keep any horse entertained while they’re unable to do much else. They can be a great option if you have an active one on stall rest, or even just want something fun for your problem child in the paddock!

Stable toys for horses  

Do you have an injury-stricken equine friend at home who has been put on strict “stall rest?” Sure, they may not be getting those long walks like usual for the sake of recovery over these next few weeks; however there are still many things to do with them during this downtime such as grooming sessions every day (or almost daily) which keeps them fresh from head to toe! One thing that can help ease anxiety and boredom while in the stall for so long- Horse Toys!

Toys for in the field

Everyone who has a horse loves to let them outside as much as possible. Of course, that also means dealing with the inevitable “problem child”–the one who gets too active and bites fences or paces in water troughs! To help out these level-headed equines, here are some of our staff’s favorite outdoor toys for horses:

Enrichment horse toys 

Horses need to have plenty of time outside for exercise and they also need mental stimulation. The best enrichment toys for horses, we offer are those that will keep them entertained while still giving them the physical activity they crave!

Carol Metcalf

Carol Metcalf

Read all about Carol Metcalf, also known as “the reining queen” represents Excel Supplements at the top of her industry! Read all about this amazing

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Pedro Baiao

Nate is Located in Mineral Wells, Texas where he specializes putting foundations on all breeds and discipline. He has shown in reining, cutting & pleasure. But his greatest gift is taking wild horses & making them show quality in a short time frame.

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