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Excel’s blog is a resource for dog owners who want to learn more about caring for their dog. Dogs are our best friends, and we want the best for them. However, knowing how to care for them can be daunting, especially when it comes to their health. This is why Excel’s Canine Health Blog is here to help. Because every dog is different, we provide the latest information so you can make educated decisions about your dog’s care. From Understanding You’re Pet’s Gut to Arthritis Pain Relief , our blog covers a wide range of popular topics for dog owners. At Excel, we understand the importance of keeping your dog healthy and happy!

Is Chocolate toxic to dogs?

Your Four Legged Valentine

Happy Valentines Day! The roses and chocolate waiting for you at home or being delivered to your office holiday. If your household is anything like mine then you may get

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Car Safety for Dogs

Car Safety For Dogs

Dogs, especially in today’s society, are a member of the family. This makes the topic of car safety for dogs an utmost concern for many dog owners questioning the best way to travel with their 4 legged friends. We are not here however to tell you the best way to travel with them but to suggest various ways that enhance your car safety for dogs.

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Peanut Butter Kisses Treat Recipe Picture

The Best Treat Recipes!

The best treat recipes for your dogs and horses that are healthy enough to feed them everyday!! Picked from our staff favorites, these treat recipes are made with whole ingredients and nutritional value. Not to mention they are YUMMY!

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Chestnut horse with Excel Pro Elite Camelina Oil horse supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9.

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