ExcelEQ ProElite’s newest partner—Shine Hoof Oil!

Excel Supplements Shine Hoof Oil Have you ever heard the saying, “No hoof, no horse?” The definition of that phrase is this: if your horse does not have solid, healthy feet, then your horse is more susceptible to soundness issues and may be unable to perform his job. Does your horse suffer from chronic dry, […]


  There’s been a common thought going on over the past few weeks with the current global crisis over COVID-19; that being, what the h%$# 2020?!  As much as we asked 2020 to sit down and not touch anything, it seems as if that’s exactly what it’s asking of us right now.  While we cannot […]

What does FEI show safe really mean?

FEI Show Safe In 2017, 2 US riders tested positive for the banned substance ractopamine at a FEI show in Wellington, Florida.  It was determined, after much distress, that the positive tests were due to contamination of a supplement fed to both horses. The supplement was called Soothing Pink and was made by Cargill Inc which […]

Winter Equine Nutrition  

Equine Nutrition Gaps During the Winter With the dreary days of winter upon us, decreased sunshine and plummeting temperatures take a notable effect on our horse’s nutrition. By this time in the year, green grass is long gone and last year’s hay is aging.   Properly cured hay stores well in terms of the major calorie sources […]

Winter Tips!

When you think about winter time with your horse, what is the most frustrating thing that comes to mind? For some, it’s probably the excessive blanketing, frozen water buckets or even the snow balls jammed into the shoes from a trail ride through the snow.  Personally, it’s the frustration of feeling like my horse isn’t […]