Collegiate Outreach Program

Our Why

Here at Excel Supplements, our staff is comprised of Equine studies graduates and athletic team participants. We have stood where your students stand and know the daunting reality that is going into the equine industry. Speaking from our own experiences, we also know that while it is easy to list the array of jobs available in the equine industry, actually finding them is a different story. We want to provide more of what we wished for as collegiate students and then, graduates. 

Program Vision

Excel is creating a network extended past the university. A network of support, opportunity, and mentorship for students to utilize during their Equine Career in and then out of college.


Our mission is to encourage students to start creating their professional network during their college years. This will allow them to expand on and take advantage of their educational opportunities outside of the classroom. Hopefully, introducing them to career paths they didn’t realize could be options and allow them to explore their options before in the real world. 

Participating Teams

USC Aiken Equestrian Team

A Network For Every Equestrian

The equine industry is surrounded by wealth, but that is not to say it doesn’t exist in the most simple of settings. No matter your upbringing what makes an equestrian is the love for the horse. As each equestrian moves into their professional career, the aim is to create a network of support. This organic web of connections allows for opportunity and mentorship throughout a career in the Equine world.

Educational Program Involvement

We conducted a student study via a voluntary survey regarding how equine students and athletes felt regarding their collegiate careers.  While most were happy with their collegiate experience overall many suggested the need for support in the 3 areas charted below. *not correct numbers yet- may add other listed support needs even though their numbers weren’t as high* 

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