Dehydration in Dogs: The Breakdown

It can be hard to tell if your dog is dehydrated, but it’s important. If you want them to stay healthy and happy all summer long then make sure they have plenty of water every day. Here are some tips for making sure your furry friend stays hydrated this summer.

How do I know if my dog is dehydrated?

Dehydration in dogs can be a scary thing to witness. You may not even notice it at first as your dog seems fine on the outside, but you should still take note of their skin elasticity if they are acting really sluggish and have developed dry patches around their mouth or eyes where saliva is building up from no water intake. Dogs with low hydration levels will also experience lethargy since all that body fluid has been lost through urination! The key way to tell if your pup is dehydrated? Just pinch some skin near either top of her head and see how long it takes for them to spring back into place after release – this indicates moisture level within the cells which could mean dehydration needs attention now before things get worse!

How can I rehydrate my dog at home?

The best way to get your dog rehydrated at home is to get them to drink more water. Because this can be extremely difficult at times, we turn to experts to find different ways to get them to drink. First, try placing water bowls everywhere around the house. Instead of just having one, this encourages more drinking by having more options of water levels and bowls. Second, consider adding flavor to the water. Any chicken or beef stock can help your animal become more interested in the water and before you know it they will be drinking away. Next, consider feeding your dog wet food. This is an easy way to make sure that your dog is at least getting some hydration if they are refusing to drink any water- even with flavoring. However, if your dog is not drinking water and has clear symptoms of dehydration please be sure to contact your vet immediately! 

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