Equine Gut Health, Camelina Oil, and Omegas

Equine Gut Health

Our horse’s gut endures a lot more hardships than meets the eye. Symptoms ranging from poor coat quality to weight loss can be from an unhealthy microbiome. Comparatively, a healthy microbiome assists in absorbing maximum nutrients through your pet’s GI tract. Without proper absorption of crucial nutrients, your pet could be suffering.

Camelina Oil for Gut Health

Excel’s camelina oil can help with digestive health due to its high bioavailability content. Increasing your horse’s bioavailability means you are increasing his ability to absorb nutrients and minerals.

An increased absorption of nutrients can help with GI issues to promote preventative measures and healing properties. Prevention for gastric care in your horse’s diet can help keep them comfortable in stressful environments, traveling, and stabling.

Read more about bioavailability in our blog: “Omegas Bioavailability and Your Pets Gut.”

Imbalance in the Microbiome

Unfortunately, our horses are no strangers to stress, regardless of our efforts to make their lives extraordinary. Not only does stress affect a horse’s mental state and comfort, but it also can affect them physically. An imbalance in the microbiome can cause diarrhea, allergy, and colic-like symptoms. 

Additional symptoms, specifically for horses, include: colic, laminitis, and ulcers. The most common stressors we expose our pets to are indirect, such as veterinary visits, trailering, relocation, and competition. All of these stressors are recurring life tasks. Due to this, it is essential to supplement the microbiome. 

One of the more common symptoms, gastric ulcers, is hard to treat once irritated. Camelina oil for horses with ulcers has been highly beneficial with no current side effects. While this is not a medication for curing ulcers, adding Excel to your horse’s diet can protect their GI tract.

Camelina Oil Omega Supplementation

The Omega-3 fatty acids offered in Excel Supplements are a popular feeding solution for gastrointestinal health because of their natural anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the added fat calories from the oil allow for a decrease in sugar and starch content in the diet. ExcelEQ ProElite is a camelina plant-based product that provides excellent bioavailability of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation. Throughout the country, horse owners use ExcelEQ ProElite specifically for the management/prevention of horses’ gastrointestinal health. 

Now, it is time for us to prove the benefit of Excel’s camelina oil for gastrointestinal health through research and data collection. Are you interested in learning more about how camelina oil helps horses with gastric ulcers? Excel completed a stall side ulcer study to show how our oil can help. Read more here. 

In conclusion, your pet’s overall health and well-being come from a healthy microbiome. A healthy, diverse microbiome lays the groundwork for a strong immune system and, thus, a healthy animal.

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Horses love their grain with Excel ProElite supplement for the gut health benefits it offers.

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