Evanescent Mustang Rescue

Evanescent Mustang Rescue
Paint Horse Blue Roan Horse
Blue & Aurora were rescued in August, 2015 from the Kaufman Texas Kill Pen. At the time Blue was 12 yrs. old and Aurora was approx 4 months old.
Initially started in 2015 with Comet’s rescue, Evanescent Mustang Rescue & Sanctuary officially became a 501(c)3 charity organization on March 30, 2017.  Lakota (above) was the first Mustang rescued under our non-profit status.  Our sanctuary has 15 acres of pasture & hay field, a quarantine area and a paddock for separating newcomers.  We are lucky to have multiple reliable foster homes across the U.S., which has allowed us to rescue well over 600, yes SIX HUNDRED, Mustangs and Burros since becoming an official charity!
Check out their latest feature in the New York Times and on Facebook!
Evanescent Mustang Rescue & Sanctuaty
Sarge was saved in January, 2017, from an OK kill lot. His brand shows he was born in 2002.

Evanescent Fall Fundraiser!

Evanescent Mustang Rescue fundraiser

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