ExcelK9’s Benefits: Winter Wonder

How Can I Help My Dog Be Less Stiff and Sore

I used to always wonder if my dog, Marley,  would be happier if we lived somewhere warmer. His double coat and desire to always be outside makes me think not but his mobility in the winter always had me concerned. After different vet recommended remedies including glucosamine and cosequin I was sure nothing was going to help him through these cold times of the year.

As he was getting older and the weather would get colder his body wouldn’t move the same. When he would get up and down his one leg wouldn’t provide any support. Our time playing outside shortened and while he was stoic he was definitely sore.

How ExcelK9’s Benefits Helped With Stiff Joints

Apprehensive to try yet another joint supplement after seeing no change from others I decided to give ExcelK9 a chance. There wasn’t much to lose yet a whole lot to gain if it worked.

The ingredients and all natural approach from Excel was different from that of the prior supplements we tried. The balanced omega’s and vitamin E was shown to soothe joints. Informational blogs such as Part 2: Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Dogs ALA vs DHA vs EPA. Allowed me to educate myself on why I should be seeing results from the product.

It took a month for much of a difference to be seen but once it did I had a whole different dog. ExcelK9’s benefits had Marley going from unable to get out of his bed without difficulty to jumping up for time outside with no problem. Our time outside with the frisbee grew longer again and he even runs the fence with the neighbors dogs again.

While Marley has been experiencing these hardships with his joints due to age it is no different than a young dog experiencing them as well. ExcelK9’s benefits have made our winters together young again.


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Nicole Ellis


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