Fernando Salgado

Fernando Salgado was born and raised in a performance horse family in São Paulo, Brazil. Fernando and both of his older brothers train professionally, following the footsteps of uncle, Jango Salgado. Early on, he shared a lot of success in the show pen while working for his brother, Eduardo. During Fernando’s time working with his brother in Brazil he was the winner of multiple prestigious wins in Brazil. Undoubtedly, he credits Eduardo for “teaching me everything.”

Fernando Salgado

After moving to the US in 2010, Salgado became the first assistant trainer at Xtra Quarter Horses with Thiago Boechat. Additionally, Xtra Quarter Horses is best known as the home of Wimpys Little Step. Under the guidance of Thiago, he piloted some of the finest reining horses in the industry. Certainly, some of which included the impressive Shiners Voodoo Dr.  Additionally, he also rode under the renowned Andrea Fappani to further his training knowledge. Recently with wife, Sabrina, the NRHA professional has his own training business at Fernando Salgado Reining Horses in Gainesville, TX.

Fernando Salgado

Without a doubt, Fernando has had an impressive show career thus far. Some of which include two top-five finishes in the National Reining Breeders Classic Level 4 and Level 3 open divisions aboard Gunnabeabrightstar. Most recently, in 2023, he achieved the sought out title of Million Dollar Rider!

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