Grooming Tools For Horses

Equestrians are notorious for having their own special ways of doing things and grooming tools for horses are no exception. That being said, we are here to give you a rundown on all the basic grooming tools for your horse and its purposes. While everyone’s grooming box surely looks different, we are confident you will find some form of the following listed items within them! 
Groomed show horse taking a derby field graze.
Taking a graze on the derby field after a nice grooming session with all the necessary grooming tools.

Grooming Tools for Your Horse’s Body

  • Rubber Curry – You use this rubber-toothed brush for loosening dirt and dander before brushing your horse.
  • Stiff Bristled Brush – This is also known as a hard brush and is for removing dirt and caked mud.
  • Soft Bristled Brush – Also known as a soft brush, is the final brush to remove the dust remaining on your horse.
  • Soft Bristled Face Brush – Referred to simply as a “face brush”, this item is exclusively for on the horse’s face to remove dirt and dust.

Grooming Tools for Your Horse’s Mane & Tail

  • Detangler – Highly encouraged for use in the mane and tail. This item aids in brushing through the hairs without ripping them.
  • Mane and Tail Comb – The recommendation is that the comb is wide-toothed so as to not cause damage to the horse’s mane and tail hair.
  • Mane Pulling Comb – This tool is for shortening and or tidying the length of your horse’s mane.
Excel Hoof Conditioner
Excel Rescue Hoof Support provides that extra conditioning protection to the hooves. When not showing, this is how we top off a grooming session.

Taking Care of Those Hoofs

  • Hoof Pick – We recommend getting one with a brush that allows you to not only pick your horse’s feet but brush the dirt from them as well.
  • Hoof Oil – Commonly used for that pre-show shine. Is also good for keeping dirt from caking on the underside of the foot. Additional use includes keeping the hoof from getting too wet during bathing.
  • Hoof Conditioner – Used to treat the foot, it creates a breathable moisture barrier to keep your horse’s hooves healthy.

Top It Off

  • Coat Polish – This item adds a final gleam to your horse’s coat following the grooming process.
  • Fly Spray –  As assumed, spray over the horse’s body to keep the flies away.
  • Ear Plugs – To help with your horse’s focus and fright of noises
  • Baby Oil –  To help with a bit of extra shine around the muzzle and eyes
  • Towel or Rag – Used for removing sweat, manure, or for a finishing shine.
  • Proper grooming techniques are so important for your horse’s coat health. However, proper equine nutrition is the root of all coat health. Be sure to check out our other blogs discussing the importance of your horse’s nutrition.


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