Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue

Heart of Phoenix

Operating as West Virginia’s largest, most effective equine advocacy organization, we work throughout much of Appalachia as united group of individuals, volunteers and partners improving the outlook for horses of all breeds and background. We do so through innovation and collaboration, while always working to empower horse owners, as well. We are advocates for good horsemanship and a kind, yet strong equine economy. With over 800 lives saved thus far, we are succeeding.

Because we are aware it is important to expand the reach of advocacy in this region, we offer rescue to horses, education to horse owners, and we work with horse professionals nationwide to see our goals to fruition. We also assist counties’ animal control & law enforcement officers statewide with training and support.

Learn about what we do first hand in a new series on Horse.TV called “Appalachia,” and stream the show on your phone, pc or TV anytime from Nov. 2021, onward.

We are a successful advocate for All Horses in Appalachia.

Poverty in our region means the need for education and assistance is tremendous, and we work to meet those needs.

We care about showing what rescued horses are capable of while we work on the roots of “equine neglect” where a future finds fewer horses in need.

Abuse, deprivation from water, food and basic care frequently go on at unspeakable levels where horses are left to suffer for years in Appalachia.

We have found working at the root of the issue through clinics, educational events, blogs and in person help creates respect for equine advocacy and change. Our focus is to improve the outlook of horses here for now and the long term.

Horses in our care receive the rehab and training they need to become awesome equine partners for adopters.

We also strive to make create more Good horsemen and women, so we see fewer horses in need and see more horses going into suitable homes. 

Heart of Phoenix


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