How to Test your Horse for Dehydration

Flooded with the anticipation of summer, it also brings an issue: dehydration in your horse. Horse owners know that ensuring their equine buddies are hydrated is key to happiness and good health over the hotter months ahead. Read on below for ways you can test if they’re dehydrated, as well as what steps you can take!

Pinch Test 

The pinch test is one of the classic ways to test if your horse is dehydrated. In order to do this you take a “pinch full” of skin on their neck and release. The elasticity in the horses skin should allow up to 3 seconds to become flush again. If their skin takes longer than 3 seconds to come back to normal- your horse is most likely dehydrated. 

Gum Test 

Another way to check if your horse is dehydrated is through their gums. In order to accomplish this you will flip up their lip to view their gums. Next, note what color you see. Is it a light pink or does it have more of a white tint? Horses gums should be light pink and moist when they are healthy. After you note the color, take your finger and press down on the gum for two seconds. If the color returned to the horses gums within two seconds or less they are properly hydrated. However, if it takes longer, your horse is most likely dehydrated. 


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