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  • ExcelR8™ camelina oil for livestock


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All of our Livestock, Equine and Canine products are 100% natural and GMO free. We strictly monitor the cultivation as well as the on-site cold pressing of our own proprietary camelina varietals. All of our oils are exclusively cold pressed to guarantee the highest quality and bio-availability of the valuable ingredients for your animal. We control the whole process, from our seed to your animal’s feed.

Why Excel's Camelina Oil For Horses And Dogs ?

At Excel Supplements™ we believe that our proprietary Camelina Oil is the best source of omega-3 for horses, dogs and livestock. Our exclusive blends of Camelina, grown and produced by us, contain up to 45% of omega-3 (ALA) and natural   vitamin E.

The favorable fatty acid profile in Excel Supplements Camelina Oil supports the production of anti-inflammatory compounds that will directly benefit your animal. With a 2 year shelf life, Excel Supplements Camelina Oil is the best oil and source of omega 3 for your horse, dog and livestock.   

Fields of Camelina Flowering

World Ocean’s Day: Camelina Oil Aids In Sustainability

This year, the Kentucky Derby resumed its normal running date and allowed spectators to participate. Racing fans flocked to Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY, sporting their fancy hats, dresses, suits, and matching ties. Twenty horses broke from the gate with their eyes on the $3 million dollar prize. Yet, only one can be the Kentucky Derby winner. Bob Baffert’s Medina Spirit, a horse purchased for $1,000, claimed the win in the 147th Kentucky Derby.

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We have devoted our lives to animals and ensuring they are given only the finest products so they can be their best, inside and out.  We are focused on delivering 100% natural, limited ingredient products that change the lives of our animals by availing them of the many unique properties of the Camelina plant.  We exclusively cultivate and manufacture our products to guarantee they are of the highest quality for your animals. If you are interested in joining our Excel family, please contact us!