Nate Eicher

Nate Eicher bases his farm out of Mineral Wells, Texas with his wife and three children. He specializes putting foundations on all breeds and discipline. Nate primarily focuses his training on BLM Mustangs. His greatest gift is taking in wild horses and making them show quality in a short time frame.

Nate first became interested in training horses at the age of 12, when his dad took him and his brothers to an auction. The particular auction was homing BLM mustangs. Nate and his family adopted their first mustangs from that auction. 

Nate Eicher uses ExcelEQ ProElite

In 2013, a friend encouraged Nate to do a mustang makeover. Undeniably, that year started his success in the show pen with mustangs. Also, Nate has competed in reining, cutting, team roping, and ranch versatility as well. 

Additionally, Nate Eicher is a 4-time Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion and 4-time Reserve Champion. In 2020 & 2021 Nate participated at Equine Affair for the Fantasia entertaining act. Along with his previously mentioned accolades, Nate was a Celebrity Magic Freestyle Performer in 2020 & 2021.

Most recently, Nate was Champion of the 2023 Mustang Magic competition put on by the Mustang Heritage Foundation in Ft. Worth, Texas.

“We use ExcelEQ ProElite for our show horses and are constantly asked by clients and others what our feeding program is. ExcelEQ ProElite has played a huge part in getting our mustangs developed and conditioned in the 120 days we have from wild at pick up, to show day check in!”

-Nate Eicher

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