Omegas, Bioavailability and Your Pet’s Gut

What is bioavailability?


You may find yourself asking, what is bioavailability and why is it important to my animal’s health?

The bioavailability of a nutrient is the proportion of the nutrient that is digested, absorbed, and metabolized. Bioavailability is critical to your pet’s gut. Regardless of how much nutrient is present in a supplement, it is meaningless if little of that nutrient is bioavailable. A supplement that is high in dietary nutrients and bioavailability is what creates the most effective product for your pet.

Excel Supplements prides itself in the research, control, and development of our product. These qualities allow for our seed to produce and provide the maximum bioavailability of key critical nutrients.

How does camelina oil benefit my pet’s gut?

Camelina oil can provide your pet’s gut with a source of omegas and maximum bioavailability.  Omegas help make and or keep the cell wall in your pet’s gut malleable in addition to improving cell function. This allows for less cell space in the gut which prevents leakage. Omega’s then support the huge population of organisms, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, and archaea in the gut. This peaceful working system of microbiota and bacteria in the GI then works as a prebiotic resulting in a happy gut. 
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Stress and Your Pets Gut

Unfortunately, our pets are no stranger to stress regardless of our efforts to make their lives wonderful. There is stress in its mental form however, stress also affects the gut by causing an imbalance in the microbiome. This imbalance can have a variety of symptoms.  For horses: colic, laminitis, diarrhea, and ulcers. For dogs: anxiety, diarrhea, and lethargy. The most common stressors we expose our pets too are indirect such as veterinary visits, relocation, and travel. All of these stressors are recurring life tasks. Due to this, it is so important to supplement the microbiome. Thus, maintaining a proper balance when the stress of everyday life wants to cause an imbalance.

The Overall Picture

In conclusion, our pet’s gut endures a lot more hardships than meets the eye. Many more symptoms can root from an unhealthy microbiome. Supplementing your pet with the maximum nutrients for their GI is imperative to the success of supporting a healthy microbiome.

The overall health and well-being of your pet come from a healthy microbiome. A healthy, diverse microbiome lays the groundwork for a strong immune system and thus a healthy animal.


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