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At Excel Supplements it is our mission to help when and where we can, and this starts with organizations around the country.

We are extremely thrilled to be partnering up with some of the best organizations, big and small!

Reinventing Racehorses

Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue (ATBR) is one of the most unique, ground breaking organization of its time. With over 50 years of experience, Akindales team offers a full scale rest, rehab, retrain, rehome and retire program. Located an hour north of NYC in Pawling, NY, off the track thoroughbreds take leading steps into a new way of life at Akindale’s facility. The facility is currently home to 130+ permanent sanctuary horses that will live out the rest of their days at Akindale and are not available for adoption.

Since this organizations’ birth in April 2006, Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue has saved more than 100 horses directly from auction houses such as New Holland, PA, where they are destined for slaughter. Akindale is one of the only organizations that offers a safe haven for horses that can no longer race and have received many horses from national organizations such as TRF and Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue. Akindale takes these horses and prepares them for new careers or to be companion animals.

Located on 310 acres of pristine land, Akindale was founded by John Hettinger, a respected businessman and philanthropist. Mr. Hettinger had been a leading force in the on-going battle to end horse slaughter in the United States. As a life-long thoroughbred owner and breeder, Mr. Hettinger had a vision of keeping these magnificent animals from a cruel fate. He fought daily to have the necessary bills passed into law, making the slaughter of horses and inhumane transportation of horses bound for slaughter over the US borders into Canada and Mexico illegal. His property was deeded in perpetuity to provide for the ongoing care of these horses.

While in the past, Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue has made valuable contributions in saving many thoroughbreds, there are still many more that are needing to be rescued. In order to fulfill its mission of “providing a safe haven for thoroughbreds no longer able to race”, Akindale has expanded its organizations’ goals. They are committed to training and more aggressively communicating about the adoption program.

As the Executive Director at Akindale, Chris Andrews dedicates her time to insure that the Rescue’s goals for growth and visibility are being brought to fruition. From coordinating horse shows for local competitors to collaborating with other organizations to throwing memorable charity events, Chris brings visibility to the facility and their mission to save and rehome as many thoroughbreds as possible.

Being a lifelong rider herself, Chris is also very hands on with the day to day operations at the farm. Working closely with the well respected Farm Manager, Marlene Peavey, Chris assess each horse individually to come up with a plan for each horses success. From top quality feed and hay to proper maintenance of medical conditions and injuries, Marlene brings the teams plans for these horses to life.

Akindale’s team takes the time necessary to rehab horses previous injuries and conditions so that they are in peak condition to begin training. After a vigorous career at such a young age some horses need rest and Akindale gives them that opportunity. Consulting with vets, a timeline is put together for each individual horse that is built around longevity. After they are in a healthy standpoint, they are then worked with on the ground to insure that they understand routine and regiment of living a normal barn life. When they are showing successful signs of understanding respectable behavior, they are started under saddle.

Heather Carlson is Akindale’s resident trainer out of Salley, SC, where horses that are ready to move forward in their training are sent to touch up on skills that will be imperative to their adoption process.

Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue is truly unique from any other rescue program. Taking horses off the track that are still in their prime, and committing to retraining them to have a life after racing. Akindale’s staff takes the time necessary to rehab horses previous injuries and conditions so that they are in peak condition to begin training. After they are in a healthy standpoint, they are then worked with on the ground to insure that they understand routine and regiment of living a normal barn life. When they are showing successful signs of understanding respectable behavior, they are started under saddle.

Whether it is a financial donation, or the gift of time there are ways for everyone to become involved and make a difference in the lives of Akindale’s horses.

Find out how you can help today by visiting Akindale TB Rescue

“Tiny Hooves Making Hearts Smile”

Stampede of Love

Established in 2002 by Tara & Mary Needham, Stampede Of Love is 501(c)(3) non-profit group that focuses on the use of miniature horses for Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). What is Animal Assisted Therapy? It’s the wonderful mode of bringing pets and people together for healthy interaction. The benefits are countless. Medical research shows that animal therapy promotes shorter hospital stays, blood pressure reductions, socialization,mental & physical stimulation & an overwhelming sense of well-being. In most cases children and patients excitedly anticipate their furry friend visits, thus giving more reason to feel happier, healthier & more alert. The equine volunteers of Stampede Of Love not only have successful show careers but also visit schools and hospitals and have participated in numerous fundraisers and special events across the country. Animals have a way of accepting without qualification. Their acceptance is non- judgmental, forgiving & uncomplicated by the psychological games people often play. They accept you the way you are.

Equine Staff

Golden Meadows Heirs Dream Girl, aka “Lola”- Foaled March 23, 2007. 32.5” Tall palomino pinto mare. In addition to her calm and sensitive people skills, Lola is often featured as a unicorn model with children. She is a favorite of our team with her big kind eyes and understanding expression.

Stars Graham Crackers, aka “Peaches”-Foaled May 7, 2015. 31” tall sorrel filly. The newest member to our team, Peaches is developing into a special little lady. At just four years of age, she has already participated in multiple parades, therapy visits and community events. Her future is bright, and we cannot wait to continue sharing her with all in need of a hug.

Aupollo’s Midnight Marquee, aka “Kiwi”-Foaled April 7, 2014. 25” Tall chestnut gelding. By no fault of his own, Kiwi was born with dwarfism. He had a lot of health struggles early on, none of which has slowed him down one bit. He uses his uniqueness to share that all is possible on his therapy visits. Kiwi was presented with an honorary diploma from the University of North Carolina for Library Shenanigans and is currently filming a full-length feature motion picture called Reggie: A Millennial Depression Comedy. He plays “Reggie” a therapy horse, adopted by Mitch who is struggling with depression.

Azariah’s Z Royal Debut, aka “Taz”-Foaled May 11, 2007. 32” Tall smoky black gelding. All around horse show champion and Mr. Personality. Taz is always eager to visit and go on adventures. Taz has an in your pocket personality. Literally, he is going to check you pocket for a treat. He is a fighter, having battled colic surgery and colitis in 2017. No worries, he has completely recovered.

Lazy Days Midnight Lightening, aka “Leo”- Foaled May 10, 2002. 27” Tall black pinto Gelding. Retired in 2017 due to undetermined liver disease. He was not expected to survive, but he had other ideas. He was hospitalized once again in 2018 for a fever of unknown origin. Once again, he fought back. Never underestimate the power of love. Leo is our founding member and the sire of Aupollo’s Midnight Marquee (Kiwi). He was inducted into the Equus Horse Stars Hall of Fame in 2019 for his community service work.

At Excel Supplements

It is our mission to help as many animals as we possibly can. We are extremely thrilled to be partnering up with Stampede of Love to keep all their staff members happy and healthy! Kiwi agrees, he loves Team Excel!

Be sure to keep up with Stampede of Love’s adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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Excel Products

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Importance of Omega-3

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