Excel Supplements is a producer of unique nutritional supplements for horses and dogs. Our products provide an extraordinary combination of omega 3, 6, 9 and other nutritional components. They are particularly rich in omega 3 essential fatty acid content as well as in vitamin Ephytosterols, polyphenols and triterpenes.  We provide the best all-natural supplements you can give your animal, period.


We are animal lovers at our core.  Nature gave us a very unique ingredient, Camelina, and we have devoted our lives to using this plant to improve the world around us.  Focused on delivering 100% natural, limited ingredient products that can impart dramatic effects on the lives of our animals, we aspire to enable every animal on the planet to benefit from the amazing properties of these products. The culmination of over 16 years of development, today Excel Supplements’ products are available in more than 15 countries worldwide and are used by champion riders across many disciplines, by dog trainers and breeders and of course, just plain ol’ animal lovers.


The merger of science and nature, our supplements are the result of years of intense research and development and selection of the highest quality natural ingredients to provide unique, animal specific functionalities.  We have actively bred and developed our Camelina varieties to provide the maximum bioavailability of key critical nutrients.  There is simply nothing out there like this…that’s natural.


Ever concerned with the environment in which we all live, all our products are produced under sustainable conditions, utilizing company-controlled plantations that are fully traceable to our farmers.  You can feel good that these products are produced with the least impact to our planet.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do. All our products undergo strict internal quality control checks throughout our manufacturing process and rigorous product testing to ensure highest quality standards.  We control the entire value chain, from the seeds that produce our oil, to the final bottling and shipping of the finished product you receive.  For the competitive animal owner, this total control over our ingredients means that we can 100% guarantee that our products are FEI safe and totally compliant; other companies that buy ingredients often have no idea where they were produced or what they might have come in contact with. Few, if any, supplement companies can say this, and it translates into assurance for you the animal lover, that the product you are providing your animal is the best available.