Our Story: Excel Supplements and Camelina Oil

So, what makes Excel Supplement’s Camelina Oil different than any other omega oil?

First, unlike other supplement companies, we DO NOT use other company’s ingredients in our products. After-all, don’t you want the purest ingredients for your animal?

Ingredients Backed By Research

With 16+ years of research, Excel Supplements is a developer and producer of proprietary Camelina Oil for horses, dogs and livestock. From the development of our seed, to leading-edge testing, we continue to back the claims of our one of a kind ingredients.

Excel’s most recent studies show:

  • Improved Performance Recovery
  • Support Gastrointestinal Health
  • Improved Muscle Development and Weight Gain
Stay informed on current completed studies and upcoming projects on our research page.

Development of Camelina for Sustainability

The development of Excel’s Camelina Oil begins with the selection of the highest quality camelina seeds. Next, we look to our farmers to nourish our crop without the addition of preservatives. After cultivation, Excel’s Camelina is cold pressed using a proprietary processes unique to Excel. These steps give Excel’s oil the animal specific benefits that can be compared to other popular omega ingredients.

However, unlike other rich omega ingredients, Excel’s Camelina can provide comparable benefits without hurting the environment. For example: fish oil is extremely popular in equine and canine diets. But, recent reports have shown that the production process of Fish Oil is not sustainable. 

So, what if you want those great omega 3 benefits from Fish Oil? Well, you are in luck! Current research is showing that plant based omega benefits are competitive to those of  Fish Oil.

Similar to Fish Oil, Excel’s Camelina Oil acts as an all natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In addition to this, our oil also provides a heavily research and important factor of balanced omegas. For example: While anti-inflammatories are needed from omega 3, we oftentimes forget that a balance of omega 6 inflammatories are important to protect your animal from illness and infection.

Due to the balance of our omegas and sustainable process, Excel’s Camelina Oil is not affected by high heat or freezing temperatures. These special qualities give Excel Supplements the shelf life of 2-years, while other omega products have a shorter life of 30 days.

"I am grateful for a company that values research and education. A team that strives to perfect an incredible product and focuses on sustainability and quality from farm to bottle!"

A Safe and Unique Production Process

In addition to developing for sustainability, we also carefully monitor production and our supply chain. It is our promise to ensure that our Camelina products are the highest quality, every-time. This quality is achieved through close communication with our production team as each step is preformed. By the same token, each member of the Excel Team is aware of the rigorous quality control checks that goes into the production of our products.

Unlike others, Excel Supplements is proud to process our oils in facilities free from contamination. This means that we 100% guarantee that no prohibited or forbidden performance substances are present in our facilities.

Excel's Camelina Oil is Top Notch

Excel Supplement’s Camelina Oil provides an innovative combination of omega 3, 6, 9, and other nutritional components. Excel’s Oil is particularly rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids as well as vitamin E, phytosterols, polyphenols and triterpenes.

Because of our innovative research and development, Excel Supplement’s proprietary Oil has bio-availability properties that surpass all other omega oils on the market today.

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Our Ingredients are Vet Approved

Excel Supplements works closely with Dr. Julie Vargas, a UGA graduate with a passion for equine sport horse medicine. Dr. Vargas strives to find the best outcome for her patients combining years of conventional veterinary medical practice with alternative, regenerative, and nutritional therapies. As current head of the Sport Horse Medicine and Rehabilitation division of Spy Coast Farm, Dr. Vargas has seen countless horses benefit from the addition of Excel Supplements to their diet.

Vet Approved Camelina oil
All Natural and Non GMO Camelina oil
100% Satisfaction Guarantee Camelina oil
USEF and FEI safe Camelina oil
Chestnut horse with Excel Pro Elite Camelina Oil horse supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9.

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