GastroBalancePLUS takes GastroBalance a step further with added Zinpro® Organic Trace minerals and yeast cultures for additional immune, hoof and skin support and hind gut health.

Horses today are exposed to a number of stressors—intermittent feeding, rigorous training, confinement—that can negatively impact performance and their digestive, immune, and musculoskeletal systems. GastroBalance’s unique combination of Bentonite clay, unrefined salt, and trace minerals provide hydration, gastrointestinal and growth support, and detoxification.

GastroBalancePLUS takes GastroBalance a step further with added Zinpro® Organic Trace minerals for additional immune, hoof and skin support. The PLUS formula also contains a proprietary blend of yeast cultures shown to promote hind gut health, nutrient absorption and stable intestinal tract pH.



These are the reasons why this product is so amazing

Bentonite Clay has long been appreciated for its properties as a binder in animal feed and also as a digestive tract conditioner in livestock production. Bentonite is a naturally occurring type of smectite containing sodium calcium aluminosilicate that comes from volcanic ash in the Untited States. Clays are crystalline molecules made up of alkali cations and have a positive electronic charge. The three dimensional arrangement of molecules within the clay creates internal voids and channels that trap other molecules.
Interesting side note: In pigs smectite clays are shown to alter the microbial population in the gastrointestinal tract resulting in more favorable gut flora. It is thought that this is achieved by changing the intestinal environment due to the clay’s alkaline pH which influences the growth of specific types of bacteria. Smectite clays have been shown to reduce post-operative diarrhea in horses with colic associated with the large intestine.

Siliac has an important role in the development of new bone helping in the calcification process. Additionally silicon has a major part to play in forming the collagen matrix. A good matrix is vital to preventing bones from being brittle. Research has shown that feeding silica in the form of hydrated aluminosilicates to racing Quarter Horses dramatically decreased injury rates. These horses were able to train and race further before injury. Mares supplemented with hydrated alumina silicates have higher levels of silicon in their milk and serum.

Yea-Sacc1026 provided by GastroBalancePLUS has been shown to improve nutrient transfer from mares to foals thus supporting foal growth.  Copper, a constituent of collagen, may help reduce the risk of orthopedic conditions in horses when fed in adequate amounts to broodmares during pregnancy.  Copper is necessary for collagen formation.  Collagen is the foundation of bone, tendons and ligaments.   GastroBalancePLUS utilizes Zinpro copper lysine to support healthy growth.

Feeds fed to horses may contain mycotoxins. In other species mycotoxins have been linked to lack of appetite, weight loss, poor performance, depression, as well as reduced fertility and growth rate. Bentonite clay and sodium calcium aluminosilicate, the two main ingredients in Gastro and ElectroBalance, have been shown to be beneficial in livestock feed by reducing the negative effects of toxins such as fumonisin and aflatoxins that are molds that can occur naturally in feeds. Integral A+ in the GastroBalancePLUS is supported by many research trails and is shown to remove potentially harmful mycotoxins.

Both Bentonite clays and Yea-Sacc1026 have been shown in numerous studies to improve feed utilization.  This is thought to be the result of a change in villus height within the small intestine.   The longer the villi the greater the increase in surface area for absorption and therefore increased nutrient digestibility.  Clay has been shown to increase villus height in other species.  Feeding clay may also slow the rate of passage of feed through the gastrointestinal tract.  Yea-Sacc1026 has been shown to stimulate growth and activity of fiver-digesting and lactate-utilizing bacteria.

The gastrointestinal tract is one of the body’s first lines of defense.   If gastrointestinal health is compromised inflammation may occur both in the gastrointestinal tract and beyond.  The clay in combination with Yea-Sac1026 and Integreal A+ in GastroBalancePLUS help maintain a strong gastrointestinal lining to resist the effects of stress.  Zinc plays an important role in immune function.   GastroBalancePLUS products contain zinc methionine from Zinpro, a more bioavailable source of zinc which research has proven provides greater immune system support.

Unlike the naturally occurring oxide and sulfur forms of zinc and copper commonly used in supplements, Zinpro performance minerals are attached to the amino acids methionine and lysine. This may improve their absorption as it allows the minerals to leave the gastrointestinal tract via pathways meant for amino acids rather than those used by all minerals. Over 200 peer reviewed studies show improvements in hoof health, improved feed utilization, immune function, skin and epithelial health and improved production response in stressful conditions.

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