Equine Performance Bundle

With our Equine Performance Bundle, you can get the best of both inner and outer support. This bundle includes a 1 Gallon of ExcelEQ ProElite™ for muscle health, performance and vitality as well as our 16oz ExcelShine™ Hoof Oil for a healthier, better looking hoof! You only have until November 1st to take advantage of this great deal so don’t miss out before it’s too late!

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The ExcelEQ ProElite™ formula is the latest in natural supplements and plant-based omega oils to achieve many benefits. This all-natural, fast recovery supplement packs a punch with its powerful blend of Camelina sativa seed oil mixed with exclusive CamOlive™ additive from our company owned farms at Excel Supplements.


You’ll See:

  • Increased joint mobility
  • Superior muscle development
  • Healthy skin and coat condition
  • Help with hindgut and foregut ulcers
  • Increased bioavailability in the digestion of the horse


Perfect For:

  • Older horses who need extra joint support
  • Performance/Sport horses with a moderate to heavy workload
  • Cushings or PSSM prone horses
  • Rehabilitation horses coming back from injury
  • Horses struggling with ulcers and ulcer prevention


Ingredients: A proprietary and non-GMO blend of cold press camelina oil varietals, Cam-OliveTM (proprietary olive extract) and natural flavoring.


Active Ingredients: 

Omega-3 Fat* 30%

Omega-6 Fat* 15%

Omega-9 Fat* 40%

Vitamin E (total tocopherols) 700ppm

Camelina polyphenols 100ppm

Olive triterpenes 2000ppm.



Feeding Directions: Give 2-4 pumps (ounces) per day as top dressing or administer in an oral syringe.

2oz- light to moderate work load

4oz- moderate to heavy work load

One pump is equivalent to one ounce of oil. Shelf life is 2 years after production date. Allow 90 days to see dramatic results. 


What does it do? ExcelEQ ProElite™ uses all-natural antioxidants (vitamin E) and a balance of plant-based omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, from our two exclusive main ingredients, Camelina sativa and CamOlive™.  Switch from the hassle of using multiple supplements and receive all the benefits in one with ExcelEQ ProElite™.


ExcelShine™ hoof oil is a safe, all natural, alternative to other hoof oils on the market that contain many irritating ingredients! Any rider will love this simple all purpose hoof oil that does the basics, in a safe way.


It helps with:

  • Minor problems such as dryness and cracking
  • Helps to seal out excess moisture
  • Penetration of the hoof wall without being excessively oily or leaving a waxy build up
  • Aiding in thrush prevention


Perfect For:

  • Everyday use before riding, turnout or baths
  • Horses with sensitive coronet bands and heels
  • Events and competitions


Ingredients: A proprietary and non-GMO blend of cold press camelina oil varietals.


The optimal way to improve your horse’s hoof condition is through proper nutrition. It has been proven that feeding your horse a properly balanced diet is more effective than applying outside products to the hooves alone. This is why our Equine Performance Package makes the perfect addition to any horse and rider combo. We recommend the use of ExcelShine™ daily in combination with feeding 2oz of ExcelEQ ProElite™, to insure that your horse can properly absorb nutrients that promote healthy tissues and their growth. Over time, a properly balanced diet will help create healthier hooves for your horse and the Equine Performance Package can protect that investment!


Have a horse with special conditions? Our experienced team of experts can help with any questions you may have and are able to offer nutritional advice for your loved one.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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