ExcelEQ™ has a wide variety of benefits for any horse. With a balanced blend of omegas, this 100% all-natural oil supports muscle and joint health, coat and skin health, and overall well being. Its unique formula replaces many of your existing supplements.

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Did you know that every grain on the market including alfalfa hay is higher in Omega 6 (pro inflammation) than Omega 3 (anti-inflammatory)? Every grain… With ExcelEQ™ you can balance out your horses’ needed Omega 3 and help with many of the problems that arise due to an excessive amount of Omega 6. Adding ExcelEQ™ to your best friend’s diet improves your horse’s overall wellness and health, naturally.

ExcelEQbenefits the whole horse:

  • Digestive health (ulcers)
  • Joint mobility
  • Skin (topically and internally)
  • Wound care
  • Fertility
  • Immune System
  • Hoof health
  • Coat condition
  • Pulmonary health
  • Fly deterrent (especially around eyes)
  • Improvement in exercise – induced pulmonary hemorrhage by increasing the flexibility of the red blood cell walls decreasing the chance of bleeding during hard exercise

If you have more than one horse consider our 64 oz bottle, 1 gallon jug or 5 gallon pail to drop your cost as low as $.41/oz.

Starting at: $36.99


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 in
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32 oz., 64 oz. jug, Gallon jug, 5 gallon pail, Case of twelve 32 oz. bottles, Case of six 64 oz. jugs, Case of four 1 gallon jugs


  1. amber1298 (verified owner)

    I bought a 7 month old QH colt who hadn’t been taken care of the very best and I asked a friend about a supplement to help him gain weight and get some shine to his coat. After using Excell EQ for two months at just 1 oz a day, he has filled out, looks like I rubbed oil down his back (he is that shiney) and he has went from an over reactive spooky colt to calm and soft eyed. I’m going to up him to 2 oz a day for more weight gain. He loves the taste too, and will lick the bottom of the bucket.

  2. Vanessa

    Never in my life could I imagine my horses being SO shiny. And it also helps their joints as well. One of the best products I have ever fed, and cost effective!!!! Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

  3. Jenna Ashurst (verified owner)

    My horses have always been in good shape, but I really love this oil. I feed alfalfa pellets, Dr. Thornley’s Balancer & Excel EQ with free choice grass. Great combo. Thank you

  4. Jackie

    Great product, we love using it!

  5. Christine Rush (verified owner)

    My horse has lived in FL his entire life and has developed anhidrosis in his early 20s. While researching a different product, I was informed by a lady in TX that Excel EQ might help him sweat
    again. I figured with a money back guarantee, why not try it?! My horse is currently on 4 oz a day and has started to sweat again! I know this product isn’t even advertising it as a solution to anhidrosis, but it has been a life saver! Plus, my horse looks shinier than ever and is still going strong. Everyone that sees him cannot believe he’s as old as he is.

  6. Julie (verified owner)

    I use excel for my daughters 29 year old gelding she barrel races it has helped him move more freely! He also finishes all of his grain now which is huge! His coat is also so shinny and soft. I love this product and will continue to buy it.

  7. Julia Jesu

    Every horse I own as well as all the horses in my training program are on ExcelEQ! I have noticed immediate results in coat quality, weight, attitude and over all condition in every horse in my care. My event horses look and feel amazing and the benefits of ExcelEQ to their overall well being is top notch! I can’t recommend this product enough!

  8. Cindy Bossé

    “Who wouldn’t want to feed their horses the highest quality all natural supplement at an affordable price? I know I sure do. Although I am a relative newbie when it comes to Excel EQ, as soon as I learned about it and all of its benefits I had to have it for my horses. I am looking forward seeing improved coat, body condition and performance simply by providing 2oz of this top-dressed supplement a day. What could be easier than that? I love my horses too much not to give them every opportunity to improved health, performance and to reduce inflammation and inflammatory processes in their bodies. I can tell you all with no hesitation that my horses find it very palatable. They lick their pails clean ….. And sometimes my fingers too. I ❤ Excel EQ as do my horses!”

    September 30 at 9:58pm

  9. Ashli Gandy

    “Hi! I just started my horse on Excel EQ this past Friday. She gets very sore in her back and in her hocks. I had a 3 day barrel race about an hour from my house this weekend as well.. Stalls were priced outrageously so I decided to drive back and forth (I also have a 3 month old baby to get back home to!) I worried because I just knew that Jag would be super sore by the 3rd day. She’s young and still learning but her back has given her trouble for a long time now. On Friday, she was very flinchy and just didn’t clock (16.1). After just one dose of the excel eq, she was seriously 75% better. She came back the next day to run and 15.5! I thought there was no way that this stuff helps that fast, but there was no denying it! Sunday she ran a 15.3 and won 2nd in 3d! Not bad for our first real barrel race! But even better was her attitude! She was perky and happy and didn’t flinch when I saddled her. This is truly a great supplement and I am spreading the word to anyone who will listen! So excited to see our results after 1 month smile emoticon thank you Excel EQ!”

  10. ‎Kendra Slivinski‎

    “Can not say enough about this product! If not for Excel EQ The vet would have put my big bay foundation quarter horse down due to ripping his tendon on his hock back in April .. Was able to see results after Skye Mize was so quick to respond to help us to start Ruccus ‘s healing process .. Excel EQ was so amazing on Ruccus I was starting to mix it in my mare and colts feed for great results in there healthy shiny coats to healthy muscle development on my 6 month old colt which has been noticed by my vet.. Would highly recommend Excel EQ to anyone with horses , have this in your feeding program you will not be disappointed .. Just simply amazed at what you will see in the first month .. Thank you so much Excel EQ !!”

  11. ‎Helen Gallaway

    “My 2015 buckskin filly has been on Excel EQ for just a month now. I’ve watched her put weight on, but not too much. I have watched her coat change and shed, with a gorgeous coat of dapples appearing underneath. I have watched her fight off a pretty bad cold that the other baby has been less successful in fighting, without any other symptom other than her glands swelling a little. I have watched her go from very sensitive and skittish to being a little pocket angel. But yesterday, was incredible in that she’s not only a picture of health, she feels amazing too! Her coat is so soft and sleek that I just could not stop petting her. She’s starting to grow her winter hair and it is the softest, silkiest, downiest horse hair I have ever felt. This might seem trivial to some, but remember, the skin is the largest organ and it is a reflection of your overall health.
    Excel EQ has allowed me a way to feed my weanlings an excellent quality supplement without having to worry about them growing too fast or getting ulcers from too much grain.
    THANK YOU EXCEL EQ! I will keep you posted on the progress of all my horses in the barn, because everyone is on it!”

  12. Cady Miller

    “When I first heard of Excel supplements, I cannot lie, I was skeptical. I had been a long time user of Platinum Performance with great results. My horses always looked great and I liked what was in that product. Then I started seeing tons of real-people testimonials on how effective Excel EQ was. I started researching ingredients and it was great to see that it was really, a natural product. I HAD to try some! I started a 19 year old AQHA mare on it first thinking she was going to be the easiest case to see if it worked….Well…..
    It worked! Within 2 weeks her hooves were growing fast, her itchy tail no longer had sparse hair and started to show new growth, plus, she had HUGE dapples on her coat. After 30 days I was sold and now ALL my horses are being fed ExcelEQ. I have 2 AQHA broodmares, 2 AQHA two year olds, 1 Norwegian Fjord, and will be soon adding our new addition, an AQPA colt on it. I feel they all have great hair coats, move freely, hooves grow fast and thick, and all are maintaining healthy weights. Best part is: It is affordable!!!! Thank you ExcelEQ for helping my small herd of varied breeds look and feel their best!”

  13. Ashley M. Jarrett

    “I count on Excel EQ to keep my best friend of 17 years, Doctor, in tip top shape. From the versatility ranch horse arena to the breeding shed, he’s looking the best he ever has! Thanks Excel!”

  14. Amy Hellenbrand

    “I’ve been using Excel EQ for my Mare who has been treated for Chronic Lyme disease and has arthritis in her left front knee. This stuff has made her feel much better!! Of course I’ve been using it on my gelding also to make him feel tip top shape! I also used it for my 13 yr old Lab who suffered with bad hips and it helped him get off remidyl. Much cheaper!!”

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For daily use on horses and ponies of all ages 2 oz. per day.
If being used specifically for weight gain, increase daily dosing by 1 oz.