ExcelR8™- Subscription

Get the best from your performance livestock with ExcelR8, a livestock supplement that covers the entire animal, ranging from show cattle, goats, pigs and top of the line bucking bulls.

“As a veterinarian, it seems that many times when presented a new product to try I second guess the quality of the product and tend to not be very willing to change from what I am use to trying that works well. With that being said since trying the Excel Supplements line of products I have been amazed. I am now recommending these products for so many different disease processes as well as for healthy show animals. With skin injuries I have seen amazing responses with healing and in the show animals for fair I see better weight gain, healthier coats, and overall improved body condition.”
Dr Racheal Redman, DVM

$26.99 $20.00 every 4 months


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Weight 1 lbs
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