Renegade Riders Saddle Club

The Renegade Riders Saddle Club was formed in September 2015 out of a need to revitalize horse related activities in our community. We believe our success in over the past six years is due in the fact that we provide a service that area people want and need. 

Equestrian activities tend to be wholesome endeavors that the entire family can enjoy. These activities also allow riders to grow their confidence and leadership skills, practice goal setting, and realize the rewards of hard work and commitment. These are practical skills that they will use the rest of their lives. We encourage this by providing a variety of shows, workshops and volunteer opportunities that allow individuals to display and use the skills they have acquired.

Four years ago, we lost our then secretary in an accident after riding her beloved horse, Prince. Shannon was like no other. She was eclectic, eccentric, and absolutely lived life to the fullest.  She had no fear, and lived with so much love. If there was a concert, she went, a new restaurant, she ate.  She trained dogs, was an avid fisherman, hunter, and dreamt of doing amazing things with her gelding Prince (named after our beloved Minnesota musician).  Her favorite color was purple for the same reason she named her horse Prince. She was truly unique. She was really working hard to achieve her goals of qualifying for the WSCA Champ Show when she suddenly passed. Shannon didn’t want children of her own, and often joked around about this, but despite that—she leased her horse to a young lady that last year she was alive, because she saw how valuable sharing him with a youth would be. That young lady has had the opportunity to go to the Minnesota 4H State Horse show twice with Prince. She also deeded her horse to the owner of her boarding facility so that Prince would continue to be well taken care of, and loved by so many. She was integral in our decision to create a scholarship fund for our saddle club members so that they could go to the WSCA Champ Show, or the Minnesota 4H Horse Show. She understood the costs behind these shows.  When she passed we decided the best way to memorialize her was the continue on with that scholarship fund, make sure youth or adults in our saddle club had access to funds, and to help that fund grow. In 2019 we were able to offset costs for 6 of our local 4H youth’s costs to the MN State 4H Horse show, and 2 youth to go to the WSCA Champ Show. This year marks our 4th Annual race (no race in 2020 due to COVID), and are excited to continue to commemorate Shannon’s drive for success.

Renegade Riders Saddle Club

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