Save Money on Your Feed Bill: Know What You Are Feeding

When they say horses eat and poop money- they aren’t joking. Feed bills are a huge expense to owning a horse and we want to help you save money on your feed bill!

There are basic steps you can take to save money on your feed bill. These more basic steps include proper storage of your feed and more turn out if possible. Getting a feed saver feeder and a hay net for that messy eater that spreads your money across the ground is never a bad idea either!

There are more in-depth knowledge-based decisions however that can make an impact on your feed bill and we are here to walk you through them. 

Is the Quality of My Horses Hay Important When Saving Money on My Feed Bill?

Yes! When responsible for feeding your equine partner it is important that whoever is purchasing their hay knows what they are looking for. Different hays will come with different qualities but as a basic rule of thumb, you want to look for color and cut.

If the leaves are brown, it is likely to have less nutritional value, as leaves deliver the most nutrients. If it is bright green, it was likely cut at an appropriate time. It was also probably not rained on after cutting, and it dried quickly and was baled in a timely manner.

When baled under optimal conditions, most nutrients are well preserved. Yellow, brown, or otherwise faded hay indicates cutting at a mature stage, laid in the field longer to dry, or possibly rained on after being cut in the field. All of which would indicate lost nutrients through leaching by the sun or rain.

Digestible Energy (Mcal/lb)

Acid Detergent Fiber (%)

The Importance of Hay Quality

Everything you need to know about identifying hay quality for your horse

Is the Quality of My Horses Grain Important When It Comes to My Feed Bill?

Yes! Whether you utilize your horses for show, performance, farm work, breeding, or just simply a pet, nutrition is vital to their health. Many horse owners are relatively well versed in the basic necessities of equine nutrition, taught to them by equine professionals throughout their careers.
Some equine enthusiasts care so much about their horse’s nutrition that they go on to obtain degrees and pursue careers on the topic. One could argue that many horse owners care more about their equine partner’s nutrition than their own.

The Importance of Grain Quality

An in depth look at grain quality and how to make educated choices

What is the appropriate “Hay to Grain Ratio” for my horse?

Hay has to be the majority of your horse’s diet. It is in common practice to have a 70/30 ratio of hay/grain.

Suggested Hay to Grain Ratio

Why You Shouldn’t Eliminate Supplements

Supplements have never been considered a necessity when coming to expenses in the horse world. They are always the first to go when it comes time to save money on your feed bill. However, it is important to remember the benefits they do offer and how you could adjust their diet rather than eliminating a supplement.

A primary reason why you shouldn’t eliminate supplements in your feeding regiment is if your horse is lacking nutritionally in an area. This can be due to a general grain being fed that doesn’t fit your horse’s needs perfectly or in other cases due to a lack of hay quality.

Certain supplements will allow for additional nutritional benefits your horse needs. Additionally, some medications are hard on your horse’s body, just as they can be on humans. And just as we supplement with vitamins and minerals to help our bodies our horses could use it too.

For example, Excel Supplements provide important omega-fatty acids to your horse’s diet. Omega fatty acids promote gut health and cognitive health. Additionally, it provides a level of bioavailability to aid in the absorption of the nutritional value feed offers.

The Impact of Supplements

Learn more about the important role of supplements in your horses diet and body condition score!

How Can Excel Help You Save Money on Your Feed Bill? 

  • Can offer broad-spectrum coverage on benefits provided by supplements 
  • Oil product allows for maximum consumption 
  • Can enhance medications and supplements that the product doesnt provide 
  • Maximum nutritional benefits allow for lesser food amount 

How Does Knowledge of Quality Feed Help You Save Money on Your Feed Bill? 

Being fully aware of what you are feeding allows you to save money on feed. This is because you don’t end up overfeeding to get nutrients that aren’t there. This will enable you to supplement nutrients where needed rather than dumping money into food that your horse isn’t retaining enough benefits from. Broad spectrum coverage supplements such as Excel allow you to cover a variety of bases with only one additional expense. Which when broken down shouldn’t be an additional expense but a saving of money in exchange for the ability to not be overfeeding. 

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