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  • ExcelEQ ProElite Performance Equine Supplement Omega 3 Anti-Inflammatory Mobility Muscle Development

    ExcelEQ ProElite Equine Performance Supplement

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  • ExcelRescue Ointment Healing Salve Protect Restore

    ExcelRescue Wound Salve

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  • ExcelShine Hoof Oil Shine Protect Restore

    ExcelShine Hoof Oil

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  • ExcelK9 Camelina Oil Omega 3 Anti-Inflammatory Canine Supplement

    ExcelK9 Canine Supplement

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  • ExcelEQ Omega 3 Vitamin E Anti-Inflammatory Equine Supplement Recovery Performance Vitality

    ExcelEQ Equine Wellness Supplement

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  • ExcelR8 Omega 3 Natural Vitamin E Performance Livestock Supplement Improved Movement Beautiful Coat Resilient Health

    ExcelR8 Livestock Supplement

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  • Sale! ExcelRescue Hoof Support Daily Hoof Conditioner Heal Protect Restore Hooves

    ExcelRescue Hoof Support

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Buying Camelina Oil: What’s the difference?

When choosing where to buy camelina oil there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, not all Camelina sativa oil’s are made the same. Excel Supplements is partnered with the largest and most experienced Camelina seed farmers in the world. Because of this strong partnership, Excel expanded the benefits of cold pressed camelina oil in your pets diet.

Excel’s base camelina oil takes the rich omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants of our crop to a whole new level.

Through crop development and cold pressing techniques, our knowledgable team utilizes the entire Camelina sativa plant for maximum benefits. The result: high potency omegas and vitamin e, that can’t be duplicated. 

Every Excel Supplements product has been handled through its entire life with devotion and care. And because we are animal people making products for animals, we know that no product is one size fits all.

With an array of different product lines to choose from, there is support for your dog, horse and even livestock! All these product lines have been developed specifically for different absorption levels in your pet, and the benefits are hard to ignore.

To learn more about Excel Supplements, read our company story. 

Chestnut horse with Excel Pro Elite Camelina Oil horse supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9.

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