Should I feed my horse camelina oil?

Camelina for horses is a new trend popping up in the equestrian world, and there is a good reason for it. Read all about what makes camelina oil’s different, the benefits from Excel, and where to buy camelina oil!

Camelina oil ingredients

Camelina Sativa, also known as False Flax, is derived from a small flowering plant Camelina Sativa. Originating in Asia and Europe, Camelina was used as an ancient roman healing plant. It is no surprise this plant was used for healing when you look at the make up of this crop.

First, it is an excellent plant source of omega fatty acids. Camelina contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids in conjunction with omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. These omegas work in harmony with one another to achieve many benefits throughout the body.

Second, camelina contains an ample amount of vitamin E in its makeup. Vitamin E helps support a healthy immune system while also reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Excel’s cold pressed camelina oil is becoming popular among horse owners as an alternative to other supplements and oils.

Unlike other oils, all Excel Supplements products are made up of only camelina varietals with no additives. We use cold pressing techniques to get the most benefits out of our oil. Not to mention, our farmers take care of our crops with routine quality and control checks.

Is camelina oil good for horses?

All camelina oil is not the same, and there are key differences between an “ok” oil and a great oil. Excel Supplements takes our farming process, cold pressing and quality control very seriously. These high standards create an oil that is healthy, safe, and extremely beneficial for your horse. So, let’s break down what the benefits of feeding Excel’s camelina oil to your horse.

Skin & Coat Benefits

If you see a horse with an impressive coat, chances are they have an omega oil in their diet. Common omega oils use omega 6 to increase coat shine and weight gain, however, this comes with side effects. Having too much omega 6 (inflammatory) in a horses diet can lead to unwanted inflammation in their joints and GI tract.

Excel’s equine oil has the perfect balance of omegas for maintaining a healthy coat, mane and tail hair. Antioxidants in the oil, protect the horses hair shafts from free radical damage, supporting skin health. Each ounce of Excel has an ample amount of vitamin e that helps horses get rid of dry skin and dandruff. Also, a delicate balance of omegas help with oil secretion, allowing skin follicles to thrive.

Digestive Health

Equine camelina oil can also help with digestive health, due to its high bio-availability content. Increasing the bio-availability in your horse means that you are increasing his ability to absorb nutrients and minerals.

It has been shown that increased absorption of nutrients can help with GI issues both in prevention and healing properties. Prevention for gastric care in your horses diet can help keep them comfortable in stressful environments, traveling and stabling.

Gastric ulcers in horses are common and hard to treat once irritated. Camelina oil for horses with ulcers has been extremely beneficial with no current side effects. While this is not a medication for curing ulcers, adding Excel to your horses diet can protect their GI tract.

Are you interested in learning more about how camelina oil helps horses with gastric ulcers? Excel completed a stall side ulcer study to show how our oil can help.

Joint Health

In addition, camelina can help support joints, improving their strength and flexibility. This seed oil has powerful omega-3 fatty acids that use anti inflammatory properties to improve joint mobility. Adding a baseline of anti inflammatories to your horses diet can help prevent joint and tissue damage.

Older horses, especially, benefit from an easy feed through option for joint support. The balanced omegas in Excel’s oil has been shown to increase mobility and overall comfort in mature horses.

Overall Wellness

Finally, camelina is a natural source of Vitamin E, which helps protect against oxidative stress and improve overall health. All Excel Supplements oils have an increased amount of vitamin e because of our research and development of our camelina crop.

These levels of Vitamin E can help support immunity, as well as reduce inflammation in the body. Feeding Excel Supplements can help your horse stay fit and healthy, no matter their age!

What is the dosage for horses?

ExcelEQ and ExcelEQ ProElite can be added as a top dressing to any type of horse feed. How much oil for horses depends on their weight, size and activity level. ExcelEQ is a baseline wellness formula that is recommended for horses with a moderate to low activity level. ExcelEQ ProElite is a performance formula, recommended for horses with a heavy workload or in need of more support.

Where can I buy camelina oil?

Excel Supplement products can be ordered directly on our website or through one of our retailers.

Both ExcelEQ and ExcelK9 can be ordered online at Tractor Supply and shipped to a store near you today!

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