Sponsored Riders

Sponsored Riders

Excel Supplements Sponsored Riders have seen the amazing benefits from our camelina oil for horses and dogs! Across the country riders of all ages and disciplines are loving the results that our products bring to their horses. We are happy to have top sponsored riders from all ends of the industry represent the core values of Excel.

Coach Horses Performing in Kentucky

"We are thrilled with the added edge that ExcelEQ ProElite has given our horses. Horses that are new to our program have benefited from its amazing properties which helps with muscle development, digestive health and anti inflammatory effects. We think the results speak for themselves."

equine Dressage Competition Brown Horse
Sean Flarida Competing on a Horse

"I feed ExcelEQ ProElite for several reasons. First off, they love it! It helps them maintain the appropriate weight during hard training and their hair coats look amazing! I've found that my horses energy level stays the same throughout their workout and their energy levels don't fluctuate. The recovery period is also a lot faster when they are on ExcelEQ ProElite. It's a great product that I highly recommend you try."

“My young horse has transformed since being put on ExcelEQ ProElite! I used to supplement with just vitamin E, and since stopping that and switching to ProElite, the biggest change in him has been the development of his toppling and overall musculature. He has never looked more fit and athletic, and I am absolutely thrilled. On top of this, his coat is shiny, soft, and rich in color. Knowing that he can look this good on the outside and still be so supported in his cardio and GI systems is why I recommend ProElite to everyone. These horses give their all everyday, so we owe them all the support we can, and Excel is the best way to do that!”

Team Excel Supplements

Chestnut horse with Excel Pro Elite Camelina Oil horse supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9.

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