Camelina Sativa Boosts Liver Detox

Liver Detox

Camelina sativa seeds are the main ingredient in all Excel Supplements products. All of our Camelina sativa seeds are cold-pressed to produce Camelina oil for our horse supplements.

Women in Equestrian History

Dr. M. Phyllis Lose

National Women’s History Month! This was created to recognize and honor women’s positive contributions to society. Here at Excel Supplements, we are not only focused on camelina oil–we love sharing stories of strong, successful women!

Omega-3 in Horses

ProElite Oil promotes coat health and shine.

We all know that consistent grooming skills are a must for a shiny, healthy coat. But it is also crucial that you understand how certain feed affects your horses. That is the mark of a well-rounded horseman.

Tis the season…for body clipping!

Horse being body clipped. Winter coat. Excel Supplements

If you have body clipped in the past, you are familiar with the routine. Before your horse gets clipped, you have to give him a good bath (and possibly ShowSheen him). This will allow your clipper blades to attain a smoother, even cut with less lines. Having a clean horse to body clip also extends the life of your clippers and blades because they are not fighting through caked-in dirt or fungus entangled in your horse’s hair.