Our customers have had great success with all of our products. From competition horses coming back from an injury to older dogs struggling with arthritis, Excel’s proprietary Camelina Oil has helped animals of all walks of life. 

“We started with one pony on Excel Supplements ProElite when our veterinarian gave us a sample at the national horse show. She had felt the horse not in good muscle and her coat was dull. We got to Florida and people were stopping us on the trail to the ring telling us how beautiful the pony looked. With that experience of 3 months on the product and we switch the whole barn in Florida to the ProElite™. And then when I got home the rest of the Stable switched also. I would recommend this to anyone. It has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that the horses need. Our area tends to be low in selenium and vitamin E. I did a blood test on all the horses that have been on the product and we’re also on vitamin E and selenium. We were able to take them all off the vitamin E and selenium product. I feel also I have been able to cut down on the grain. The horses just don’t need a lot of grain with this product also. The other benefit is it is a liquid. So many supplements are powder and they go to the bottom of the feet up and most of the time get thrown out. I cannot say enough good things about this product.”

Heather Irvine 

“I feed ExcelEQ ProElite for several reasons. First off, they love it! It helps them maintain the appropriate weight during hard training and their coats look amazing! I’ve found that my horses energy level stays the same throughout their workout and their energy levels don’t fluctuate. The recovery period is also a lot faster when they are on ExcelEQ ProElite. It’s a great product that I highly recommend you try.”

Shawn Flarida

“I can’t say enough about ExcelEQ ProElite from Excel Supplements. The horses in my stable have never looked better. Their coats are bright, shiny and dappled; our farrier has even noticed improvement of hoof quality and the amount of growth. The results of this product have been remarkable! I highly recommend this to all of my clients and to anyone who is serious about providing the best for their horse.”

Rachel Kennedy 

“My young horse has transformed since being put on ExcelEQ ProElite! I used to supplement with just Vitamin E, and since stopping that and switching to ProElite, the biggest change in him has been the development of his topline and overall musculature. He has never looked more fit and athletic, and I am absolutely thrilled. On top of this, his coat is shiny, soft, and rich in color. Knowing that he can look this good on the outside, and still be so supported in his cardio and GI systems, is why I recommend ExcelEQ ProElite to everyone. These horses give us their all every day, so we owe them all the support we can, and ExcelEQ ProElite is the best way to do that.”

Alexis Cwik 

“I have been a dealer for Excel Supplements for over a year and a customer for over two years. This product is nothing short of amazing. I have used other camelina oil but have not gotten the results that ExcelEQ has given me. I have 2 performances horses and only give them the best. I highly recommend ExcelEQ™ and ExcelEQ ProElite™.”

Danica Caravetta

“This supplement has been a huge contributor to our success. I give credit to ExcelEQ for all the WoWs, the “What do you feed your horses?”, the “That’s a two year old??” and above all, the “Jonathan, your horse flexes very good, has no fluid or inflammation, so no need to inject it at this time” my vet said every single visit since we started feeding Excel Supplements. The natural anti-inflammatory and oxygenating power of this supplement will transform a horse like magic. There is nothing like watching a vet perform a pre-purchase exam with a confident grin on your face instead of a concerned frown. Thank you ExcelEQ!”

Jonathan Gauthier

“My gelding (Twix) struggles with holding weight and looking healthy through the winter but because of ExcelEQ, he has been looking amazing again!!! I also have my other gelding on it and he’s so shiny and beautiful!!! Looking forward to trying the ExcelEQ ProElite with Twix to help his Navicular issues!”


“My daughters use ExcelEQ for their High Performance Horses and they have never been in better shape…..Totally thrilled to find a product that works for such overall health of the animal while cutting out the need for multiple products. And to top it all off….it is so absolutely affordable. Be Kind to your Fur Babies!!”


“I started my gelding on excel supplement oil 3 1/2 years ago when he got injured at the futurity in OKC. He sustained a torn ligament on the right front. After 8 months he was still lame so we. Had a bone scan of his whole body done  in January which was a year from his initial injury to come to find that he also had a very small chip on the top of his scapula, how he did that is a mystery but they are horses so who knows. So after many treatments of shock wave and manga wave e was able to go back to the show pen after being off for 2 years. Last year I switched him to the Pro Elite because I just wasn’t satisfied on how he looked and travelled in the front. He also had some nerve damage done up top near the scapula, so as you look down from the withers there was no muscle mass it was like gone. Here we are 3 1/2 years later and after being on the Pro Elite his muscle has all come back he is now looking way more balanced all the way around. This guy is 16 year old now and ready for the show pen and looks like a million bucks. Thank you Excel supplements for such a wonderful product. And now with this pandemic going on and I am from Canada I hope I don’t run out of this great great supplement. Thank you!”


“I have been using ExcelEQ™ by Excel Supplements™ for nearly a year now in my daily feed program. I have 7 horses on this high quality, all natural supplement who will hunt me down with a syringe in hand because they love it! The ages of my horses are weanlings to a 27 year old retired mounted shooting gelding all of which show improved coat, body condition and performance. ExcelEQ™ helps reduce inflammation and increase mobility in my 27 year old gelding who has bad arthritis. He definitely has more good days then bad. A huge thank you to what I refer to as” Liquid Gold” ExcelEQ™.”


“I started giving ExcelEQ™ to my 8 YO QH mare. This mare used to be in reining heavily and was retired due to chronic unexplained lameness at the trot which plagued her for nearly 2 years. I thought she was going to live out the rest of her years as a pasture pet. I am happy to say after several months of using ExcelEQ™, there is not one sign of lameness at a trot and we have now gone on to trail riding and dressage lessons.”


“At first I put my cowhorse on ExcelEQ™ to help maintain his joints and help with his seasonal allergies. Seeing how well he was doing, I decided to put a senior rope horse on it as well. Sailor is a hard keeper and deals with arthritis but since being on ExcelEQ™, he keeps weight on better and moves a lot more free than before! I’ve gotten so many compliments on how they look since they’ve been on Excel Supplements™ that it is now the only product our horses will be on!” 


“The ExcelEQ ProElite™ has really helped my Irish Sport Horse Dollar with his body condition and muscle soreness. Ever since his colic surgery for his large intestine, he has been tight and sore in every part of his body. Since using the ProElite™ Dollar has gained more muscle in his top line and is able to hold his weight very well. Working back up to the intermediate level after his time off has been hard, but with the ProElite™ he is 10 times better than he had ever been. Because he’s a naturally stressed horse, he used to burn his fat off immediately and get really tight all over his body, now after being on Excel Supplements™, he is developing muscle properly and is holding weight where he should be.”

Ronan Moloney 

“We have an off the track Thoroughbred that has gastro issues. I resorted to keeping him on Gastrogard all the time to keep him from having pain. I started using ExcelEQ ProElite™. He got two squirts a day and after two weeks, I discontinued the Gastrogard to see what would happen. It has been two weeks and our horse has had no pain. We changed nothing other than the addition of ProElite™ and the discontinuing of Gastrogard. I am convinced that the ProElite™ has helped our horse’s hind gut.”

Nancy Townsend

“We started using ExcelEQ™ over the winter when our 4 yo OTTB started getting fussy about his belly – they are prone to ulcers. He did his course of meds, but our vet also suggested this supplement as an ongoing way to keep his gut healthy. After just a couple months, his coat is AMAZING!! If it’s doing that to what we can see from the outside, I can only imagine the good things going on in the inside. And, it smells so good, sometimes I consider trying some myself!! Glad to be supporting a local company in the process too!” 


“I have used the ExcelEQ™ on a horse to help her gain weight, she was in very poor condition and within 3 days I saw results. I was sold right there and it doesn’t break the bank to purchase any of Excel Supplements™ products. I will use ExcelEQ™ for life, I’m currently using this for an old mare 30 years young and this is the best she’s ever wintered!! Helps with healthy body condition, hoof growth, healthy minds too!! Again it’s affordable and easy to use I love it thank you for such a great and affordable product!!!”


“Sonny has been on the ExcelEQ ProElite™ for about 6 months and the benefits have been incredible. He has gained weight and muscle along his barrel and top line, is flexible in his SI and back, and is growing in a beautiful spring coat. He has a tendency to get tight on his right shoulder and in his left hock. Since the use of PEMF therapies and ProElite™ every day, his movement in these areas has not only improved, but the inflammation and pain have gone away! Not to mention every time the farrier comes; he always is sure to compliment Sonny’s strong hooves! Best supplement on the market, hands down. “


“My 10 year old Gelding was diagnosed with allergies (on set heaves) when he was 3. It wasn’t until about 3-4 years ago it really started affecting him where I had him on a puffer, and tried diet change, etc. I put him on Ventipulmin about 2 years ago and he improved but still had days where we couldn’t do more than a walk he was so bad. Took us out of the show ring. I started him on Excel Supplement’s™ ExcelEQ™ about a year ago and he’s off all medication and doing better than ever!!!! Not only that he’s more limber, his coat is amazing and his overall health is amazing!! I love this product!!”


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Chestnut horse with Excel Pro Elite Camelina Oil horse supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9.

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