Ways To Keep Water Buckets From Freezing

Do you struggle every winter with your water buckets freezing? It is no easy feat to deal with water buckets freezing. Your time is precious so we are here to help. Below are some tricks to try and keep your water bucket from freezing over this winter.   

Tricks to Try

Place Buckets In An Enclosed Area

Try to keep buckets in an enclosed area, even if it is a run-in shed. Placing your buckets in an area with any sort of insulation will slow the water bucket freezing process.

Place Buckets Close Together 

Placing buckets close together will also allow for horses to group together to drink. This will raise the temperature of that area and decrease the water bucket freezing rate.

Find Sunlight

If the water bucket needs to be outside keep it in an area where sunlight can reach to slow freezing rate.  

*Extra tip: Filling your buckets during the day when it is not as cold will allow for slower freeze times.
Horse Drinking From a Water Bucket

Get Larger Buckets 

With more surface area to cover a larger bucket will slow the rate of freezing.

*Extra Tip: if your larger trough is still freezing covering a portion of it will slow the process more.

Use a Rubber Bucket or Tire

While rubber buckets don’t keep the ice away they slow the rate of freezing. The same goes for insulating the bucket in a rubber tire.

*Extra tip: if you have a larger bucket you can place the original inside of it.  Then line the space in between with bedding to create a layer of insulation

Plastic Bottle & Salt

Fill a plastic bottle with water and a cup of salt. The salt will keep the water in the bottle from freezing. The bottle will then float at the top of the bucket preventing it from freezing.

These are just a few of the tricks to try and keep the water bucket freeze delayed or from happening. From your pantry to miscellaneous material hanging around the barn there are plenty of ways to get around your winter struggles. Various additional products aid in the prevention of frozen water buckets and are available for purchase. It all depends on what you want to put into it and what your circumstances are. For more tips to help get you through the winter check out our winter grooming tips blog

Why It Is Important Your Buckets Don't Freeze

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