Helping Horses Recover Faster and Heal Better

Wounds and skin abrasions are a given in horse ownership.  Excel Rescue makes them go away- naturally

Skin laceration, irritation, or post-surgical healing; Excel Rescue is the one to reach for to get your horse back to full health sooner.

All-natural ingredients include:

  • Custom-blended Camelina Sativa Seed Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Honey
  • Avocado oil
  • Citrus oil
Impressed Skeptic
OK I'll admit I was skeptical. My poor old guy Levi has terrible arthritis and none of the supplements I tried (and I tried them all!) seemed to work. To top it off he coliced badly this winter and ever since his appetite has been poor. He was in rough shape and quite frankly I was thinking we were done. But I thought I would give him one last try. Well just 3 weeks into this he is eating better, moving better, obviously less painful. I am very impressed! I know his days of WTC under saddle are over but I am hopeful maybe we can take a slow amble down the hayfield this summer. — Jill Janz
Like He's 10 Years Old Again
Buddy is my 24 year old quarter horse Arabian cross. I've had him on this stuff for a little bit now. Unfortunately his previous barn owner only gave it to him when she felt like it. So, I'm pretty sure he wasn't getting what he needed. But I must say the little he had been getting has been amazing. He was starting to get arthritis which was an initial reason I retired him. Today in my 6 years of owning him I seen this horse buck. Wasn't a huge one but it was a buck. I almost was in tears. His trot looked like that from a movie and he looked like he was 10 years old again. I love this stuff and I love the horse Buddy has become on it. With a new barn I can only imagine the future he is going to have. I'm so very excited! — Sydni Hodorff
Love this stuff!
It’s been 3 weeks today that my horse has been on Excel EQ. I took him off his msm, equishine and buteless, hes 17 and we are riding Dressage now. He is moving so much better and he is very happy. I’ll be ready for our next bottle soon.. Love this stuff! — Gina Marchese

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