Your Dogs Thanksgiving Dinner

As the nation gears up for the Thanksgiving holiday many of us dog owners find ourselves thinking about what foods our meal will include. What about our dogs meals though? Many households follow one of two suits when it comes down to if their pet will receive scraps, all or nothing. You will find those who give their dogs none of the yummy goodness the holiday meals bring or on the opposite end of the spectrum you have those who give their dogs scraps from each part of the meal. There is a happy medium though, in this case it could be considered the “healthy medium”.

The traditional thought behind the scraps offered off the thanksgiving table is the bones pulled from the turkey cause dogs love bones, right? They sure do, however the bones when chewed to pieces can damage your dog’s digestive tract making it an unsafe option for table scraps. In fact, there are really no table scraps any time of the year that are good for dogs. That said, there are healthy options your dog can enjoy through the Thanksgiving holiday.

Your dogs thanksgiving

Safety Tips For Your Dogs Thanksgiving

With new guests, smells, and noises it is very possible that your pet will become stressed or overwhelmed. If your dog does not do well with stress, talk to your vet ahead of time about reducing stress medicinally or otherwise. Keep the following safety tips while you move through your day…

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