ExcelK9 Canine Supplement

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ExcelK9™ Canine Supplement is an all-natural omega oil for dogs with proven benefits. Excel’s proprietary Camelina oil, provides your dog with essential Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E.

Our Canine omega oil will help improve your dog’s life!

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ExcelK9™ Camelina Oil for dogs

Excel’s Canine Supplement is a camelina oil for dogs created to improve your dogs every day life! From helping with joint support to maintaining healthy skin and coat, ExcelK9 can help your dog feel their best. The benefits of camelina oil for dogs come from the omega fatty acids within ExcelK9’s proprietary ingredient and manufacturing.

What are camelina oil benefits:

  • Joint support and improved mobility
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy coat
  • Healthy heart & blood circulation support
  • Reduced effects from allergies through boosting the immune system
  • Helps with maintaining mental alertness in older dogs
  • Healthy skin and wound care
  • Aids in controlling the growth of Malassezia Pachydermatis which causes yeast infections in dogs


ExcelK9™ Omega Oil Is Great For:

  • Older dogs struggling with joint mobility
  • Dogs with a hard time maintaining a healthy weight
  • Any dog struggling with allergies and skin conditions
  • Canine’s recovering from medical procedures
  • Maintaining heart health and reducing inflammation
  • Additive for any dog food to encourage weight gain
  • Helpful for dogs with abnormal blood pressure conditions


ExcelK9™ Ingredients: 

This healthy oil for dogs does not just come from any normal Camelina Sativa plant. ExcelK9 is made up of a proprietary and non-GMO blend of cold press camelina oil varietals, proprietary camelina fruit extract & organic pumpkin seed oil.

Active Ingredients:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids* 35%

Omega-6 Fatty Acids* 20%

Omega-9 Fatty Acids* 35%

Vitamin E (total tocopherols) 700ppm

Camelina polyphenols 100ppm



ExcelK9™ Feeding Directions: 

Give 1/8- 1 ounces per day as top dressing or administer in an oral syringe. If adding to your dogs diet for the first time, we recommend adding this oil into their diet gradually over the course of one week. If you are experiencing any side effects or have any questions, please contact our support team!

1/8 oz- 5-20lbs

1/4 oz- 20-50lbs

1/2 oz- 50-80lbs

1 oz- 80lbs+

Measuring Directions:

Each 16oz and 32oz ExcelK9™ Omega Oil has a measuring device on the top of the bottle. First, remove both liners on each top opening of your ExcelK9 16oz or 32oz. Next, close the lid that does not have the additional measuring device attached. Then, squeeze the bottle and watch your dogs desired amount fill up the measuring device. 

What is the Shelf Life of ExcelK9 camelina oil?

The Shelf life of ExcelK9 is 2 years after production date. Because of Excel’s proprietary manufacturing and processing techniques, all Excel Supplements products have a 2 year shelf life from when they leave our warehouse.

Every order received on our website is filled that day and sent out for shipment. This is why, with Excel, you can count on the quality of your dogs supplement to be the same every time.

Allow 90 days to see dramatic results. 


What does ExcelK9™ Canine Supplement Do?

If you are experiencing issues with an older dog getting up and down the stairs and they do not respond well to medications because of their digestive tract, ExcelK9 is right for you. Excel’s healthy oil for dogs has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that offer many benefits.

The omega-3 fatty acid content offers anti inflammatory properties that directly help with joint inflammation and improved body condition. Also, if you are dealing with a dog suffering from allergies or other immune conditions, you will notice a great change in their symptoms.

The omega-6 fatty acid content in ExcelK9 offers inflammatory properties that help with improving your dogs skin and coat health, while also aiding in weight management and digestive health. Not to mention, omega-6 and vitamin e work together in assisting your dogs body to heal and recover from past trauma, injury, or other medical conditions.

With Excel’s exclusive ingredient, Camelina, this unique formula is made to benefit your whole dog. This formula provides your dog with essential omega fatty acids and all natural Vitamin E, that can be added safely to any dog food.

From puppies to elderly dogs, ExcelK9™ can improve your dogs quality of life at any age!

Camelina oil for dogs with allergies

Pet owners are finding out that their dogs could be suffering from allergies. From seasonal allergies, to special food allergies, this can affect the quality of your dogs life.

Is camelina safe for a dog with medical conditions?

Our experienced team of animal experts are no stranger to dogs with medical issues and special conditions. While we are here to help you with any questions you may have, we also suggest connecting with your veterinarian to make sure camelina oil is right for you.

Does camelina oil have side effects?

Every dog and how they respond to new feed additions are different. We recommend that you change your dogs diet gradually and monitor any changes in bowl movements throughout their diet change. Side effects of camelina oil are- changes in bowl movement consistency and shedding of the coat or dead skin, to name a few.

While these side effects commonly last a few days, please contact our team immediately if you are experiencing symptoms past the first week of adding ExcelK9 to your pets diet.

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16 oz., 32 oz., Gallon jug

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