Excel Supplements: The Original Camelina Oil

This story begins with a life long horse woman, her horse, and a problem that wasn’t getting solved. While on the search for an all-natural anti-inflammatory solution for her struggling stud, she felt defeated. At last, she found camelina oil. 

Nowadays, Excel Supplements is undeniably the top producer of proprietary camelina oil for animals.

Alongside the worlds leading camelina producer, Excel creates high quality animal products. From start to finish, only company owned ingredients and proprietary manufacturing are used in the production of our products. As a result, there is no cross contamination or harmful additives present in our facilities. 

Not to mention, all Excel formulas are produced with veterinarian approval for added peace-of-mind. This gives horse and dog owners alike, confidence in what they feed their animals.

Despite other generic oils on the market, Excel’s camelina oil is explicitly made for your animals.

Each benefit within our nutritional supplements, originate from expert experience with our company owned crop, Camelina Sativa.

Years of research and development with our farmers, resulted in a unique production process, that utilizes each part of the camelina sativa plant, seed and flower.

In addition to crop utilization, Excel is also leading the way in CamOlive and CamPlus production. As a result, these components amplify the health benefits in our oil, with little side effects.

In fact, research shows Excel’s high levels of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants are stronger than other generic oils.

Unlike fish oil supplements and flaxseed oil, Excel’s camelina oil supplements have a long shelf life. Due to Camelina’s high burn point and additional antioxidants, it is known as a “stable oil”. Whereas other ingredients are unstable in their genetic makeup.

With Excel, you can find the high dose of omega fatty acids, without having to manage unstable oils. 

Unlike other horse blogs and dog blogs out there, our writers cover hot topics they are passionate about. For example, when one of our teammates adopts a dog, we are there to research and deliver the facts.

Moreover, we take great pride in the discovery of new treatments common in dogs and horses. Especially when they are aligned with the camelina products we provide to combat common form issues.

Benefits backed by research is the #1 most important factor at Excel Supplements. After receiving countless customer reviews and positive feedback- we knew it was time for Excel to invest in company led research.

Below, you will find a list of current studies funded by Excel Supplements and processed by outside parties. In addition, we are incredibly proud to continue our advancements in innovative research techniques that do not require harm to any animals involved. 

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Chestnut horse with Excel Pro Elite Camelina Oil horse supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9.

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