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Excel's Camelina Oil From The Farm

Finally, a camelina oil with the same quality in every bottle. Excel’s camelina oil is unlike your generic camelina oil sold throughout the country. Each benefit within Excel’s camelina oil is the result of decades of experience with our company owned crop, Camelina Sativa.

Throughout years of research and development, Excel founded breed specific formulas to utilize each part of the camelina sativa plant, seed and flower. In addition to utilizing every part of our crop, Excel is leading the way in CamOlive production- giving all Excel’s oils higher levels of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties than any other camelina oil. 

At Excel, we are proud to have camelina formulas for your animals that take generic omega and vitamin benefits to the next level. And with so much positive customer feedback and success stories, it may be time to re-asses your animals diet with the addition of Excel Supplements camelina oil. 

Excel began with a life long horse woman, her horse, and a problem that wasn’t getting solved. While searching for an all natural anti-inflammatory solution for her struggling stud, she found camelina oil. And the rest is history. 

12 years later, Excel Supplements is the top producer of proprietary camelina oil for horses and dogs. 

Because of our long standing partnership with the worlds leading camelina producer, all of Excel Supplements products are of the best quality. From start to finish, only company owned ingredients and proprietary cold-pressing manufacturing are used in the production of our products. 

Not to mention, all Excel formulas are produced with veterinarian approval for added peace-of-mind. This gives horse and dog owners alike, confidence in what they are feeding their animals. And without cross contamination and harmful additives, Excel’s camelina oil formulas are the cleanest and strongest on the market. 

In addition to taking the production of our camelina oil seriously, our staff is continuously researching and analyzing the hottest topics in the animal health world. Take a look at our Animal Health Blog to learn more about how Excel’s camelina oil can benefit your animal!

Benefits backed by research is the #1 most important factor at Excel Supplements. After receiving countless customer testimonials and positive feedback- we knew it was time for Excel to invest in company led research.

Below, you will find a list of current studies funded by Excel Supplements and processed by outside parties. We are incredibly proud to continue our advancements in innovative research techniques that do not require harm to any animals involved. 

Free Shipping & Membership Savings

Throughout the past two years, every industry has felt the economic effects from COVID-19. Consequently, supply chain issues, shipping cost increases, and more have led to the decline of  small business presence in the Animal Health Industry. However, at Excel, we understand the restraint that economic changes have on our budget for our animals diet. 

In our efforts to supply our customers with a solution, we created ExcelOne. ExcelOne is a membership program for customers to give them access to additional discounts and free shipping.

Click the button below to learn more about our ExcelOne Membership program.