ExcelShine™ Hoof Oil

ExcelShine™ Hoof Oil

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ExcelShine™ hoof oil is a safe, all natural, alternative to other hoof oils on the market that contain many irritating ingredients! Any rider will love this simple all purpose hoof oil that does the basics, in a safe way.

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Finally, a hoof oil with ingredients that are all-natural and effective! Because of Excel Supplements™ proprietary ingredient, camelina, that is company grown, produced and packaged, you can apply ExcelShine™ everyday with no negative side effects! Our proprietary camelina blend that makes up ExcelShine™ hoof oil can help with:

  • Minor problems such as dryness and cracking
  • Helps to seal out excess moisture
  • Penetration of the hoof wall without being excessively oily or leaving a waxy build up
  • Aiding in thrush prevention

Many of our customers have made the switch from harsh ingredients to this all-natural alternative to what is currently on the market. You can feel good knowing that there is something that can be used daily with ingredients you can trust!

ExcelShine™  hoof oil is 100% safe to use on any part of the foot, such as:

  • Coronet band
  • Hoof wall
  • Frog
  • Sole

The optimal way to improve your horse’s hoof condition is through proper nutrition. It has been proven that feeding your horse a properly balanced diet is more effective than applying outside products to the hooves alone. We recommend using this product daily in combination with feeding 2oz of ExcelEQ ProElite™, to insure that your horse can properly absorb nutrients that promote healthy tissues and their growth. Over time, a properly balanced diet will help create healthier hooves for your horse and ExcelShine™ hoof oil can protect that investment!

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