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  1. No pump came with my purchase. The website stated if it was my first purchase that it would be provided.

  2. I got the excel K9 a couple days after I placed my order and it was super easy to order.

  3. I was able to quickly find what I was looking for and when I reached out because of A mistake I made when ordering, they corrected my error and made it right at absolutely no additional expense to me.

  4. My mare absolutely loves and thrives on Excel Supplements. She’s a 12yo big boned warmblood mare in a heavy work load and I couldn’t be happier with her health and fitness!
    -Danielle Pedersen

  5. I’m not sure who I emailed originally, but I had a mare have a pssm attack and when I ordered I asked if it could be shipped that Friday instead of Monday so I could get her some vitamin e quicker and sure enough, it arrived that Sunday I believe. Excellent customer service and thank you for shipping them so quickly!!

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