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ExcelEQ ProElite Equine Performance Supplement

ExcelEQ ProElite Equine Performance Supplement

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ExcelEQ ProElite™ is an equine performance supplement specifically formulated for vitality and recovery. ProElite is made up of a proprietary blend of camelina oil with the addition of Excel's exclusive component, CamOlive™.

These company owned ingredients use all-natural antioxidants and an unparalleled balance of plant-based omegas to achieve many benefits. In addition, this performance supplement is also packed with vitamin E for ultimate performance and recovery.

ProElite Benefits:

  • Joint Support- Omega-3 supplementation is linked to aiding the promotion of quality synovial fluid in joints, additionally aiding in increased mobility. 
  • Improved Recovery- ExcelEQ ProElite helps aid muscle recovery post-exercise due to omega-3 support decreasing blood lactate values.
  • Gut Health- Excel’s exclusive CamOlive blend aids in increased bioavailability,  digestive tract coating, and gastric and hindgut ulceration prevention.
  • Muscle Development- ExcelEQ ProElite aids in the promotion of muscle development. Additional supplementation of balanced omegas and vitamin E has been shown to increase athletic endurance and lactic acid dispersion.

ProElite Feeding Guide:

Give 2-4 pumps (ounces) per day as top dressing or administer in an oral syringe.

  • 2oz- Light to moderate workload
  • 4oz- Heavy workload and recovery
*One pump is equivalent to one ounce of oil. Shelf life is 2 years after production date. Allow 90 days to see dramatic results.*


A proprietary and non-GMO blend of cold pressed camelina oil varietals, Cam-Olive (proprietary olive extract) and natural flavoring.

*To Clarify, ExcelEQ ProElite™ Contains NO SUGARS*
Active Ingredients:
  • Omega-3 Fat* 30%
  • Omega-6 Fat* 15%
  • Omega-9 Fat* 45%
  • Vitamin E (total tocopherols)*- 700ppm/1200 IU
    • Alpha-tocopherol* 500IU
  • Camelina Polyphenols*- 100 ppm
  • Olive triterpenes*- 2000 ppm 
*Percent of total fat is approximate. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*


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