What is Camelina Oil?

As horse people, we are familiar with different types of oils for our horses diet. But there is a new type of oil that has recently taken the horse world by storm: Camelina oil.

CamOlive™ adds more anti-inflammatory capabilities to Excel’s Camelina oil, which allows for a quicker recovery of muscles post-workout. It also helps reinforce the immune system, which provides more protection against stomach irritation and ulcers.”

What is Camelina oil?

Camelina, or false flax, comes from the oilseed Camelina sativa.

Originating in Europe, Camelina has been used in natural medicine for years due to its health benefits. Overlooked until recently for dietary use, Camelina sativa has many benefits for animals and humans alike. 

Researchers’ became interested in Camelina because of its high level (up to 45%) of omega-3 fatty-acids. It is uncommon to have this level of omega-3 fatty-acids in plant based sources.

Mainly comprised of omega fatty acids, cold pressed Camelina oil helps provide structure to cell membranes. This helps improve exercise stamina, lower heart rate, improve immune response, and help with responsiveness to insulin. 

Lastly, Camelina oil contains vitamin E in two forms, alpha and gamma tocopherol. These compounds protect the oil from oxidation and rancidity, which makes its shelf life stretch to over 18 months. Together with omega properties, vitamin E helps improve skin conditions and prevent free radical damage.

Is Camelina oil healthy?

Yes! Camelina oil comes from an ancient roman healing plant, that has been used for decades for its medicinal properties. Made up of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, camelina oil holds the necessary components for a healthy diet. 

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty-acids are known as “essential oils” because they are only acquired through diet. Meanwhile, omega-9 fatty-acids are produced naturally by the body. 

However, Excel takes the normal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 further with ExcelEQ ProElite. This formula, unique to Excel, has a ratio of 4:1 omega-3 to omega-6. This ratio is one of the most balanced found in any plant based oils you could feed your horse.

Is Camelina oil good for horses?

Yes! According to nutritionists, a majority of horses’ grain diets are higher in omega-6 fatty-acids than omega-3 -fatty-acids. Omega-6 acts as a pro inflammatory, while omega-3 acts as an anti inflammatory.

For horses to achieve optimal health, there must be a balanced ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. Adding an oil with a ratio of 4:1 omega 3 to omega 6 can have extreme benefits for your horse.

Why is omega-3 important for horses?

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to a balanced diet for any horse. With many benefits attached to omega-3, its no wonder horse owners are making it a staple of their feeding routine.

First, it has been proven that omega-3 reduces inflammation throughout the body. Because of this, omega-3 can greatly help a horse suffering from stiffness or arthritis.

In addition, omega-3 can lessen inflammation in the serotonin pathways in the brain. With serotonin pathways clear, more serotonin receptors can activate.

Because serotonin affects mood; the lower the levels of serotonin are, the more anxious or nervous a horse can be. This is why lessening inflammation in the serotonin pathways can lead to a horse with a more stable and consistent mood.

Not to mention, omega-3 has been known to improve digestive health, which is important for horses under stress. Omega-3 has a roll in your horses digestion of nutrients and helps regulate internal systems. These internal systems are responsible for improving insulin sensitivity and decreasing central body fat.

Lastly, Omega-3 can greatly improve coat condition and skin health in horses. Horses with skin sensitivity and allergies have greatly benefited from the addition of omega-3 in their diet.

ExcelEQ ProElite™ has a 4:1 omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, the highest available plant based omega ratio on the market.

Excel Supplements is a producer of unique nutritional supplements for horses and dogs. Our products provide an extraordinary combination of omega 3, 6, 9 and other nutritional components. They are particularly rich in omega 3 essential fatty acid content as well as in vitamin E, phytosterols, polyphenols, and triterpenes. We provide the best all-natural supplements you can give your animal, period.

Why is omega-6 important for horses?

While often known as the “bad” omega fatty-acid, omega-6 fatty-acids are necessary in well-balanced, moderate dosing. Omega-6 is known to have an inflammation response when needed in the body. This is extremely important for many key aspects of your horse.

First, omega-6 stimulates the immune system and helps fight off infection. Not to mention, it assists in urine production, electrolyte balance, and digestion. These properties are important to maintain a healthy horse.

In addition, omega-6 is a great way to put weight on a horse. Because omega-6 works to increase inflammation, feeding unbalanced amounts can lead to decreased insulin sensitivity in the muscle. Instead, it promotes fat build up in the adipose tissue. This tissue is one that extends throughout the entire body.

What does Camelina oil smell like?

Camelina oil has an earthy aroma with its own distinct characteristics. Even the pickiest of horses enjoy it as a top dressing to their normal grain ration.

How do you store Camelina oil?

Excel’s Camelina oil is cold-pressed with minimal processing, therefore maintain high levels of vitamin E, specifically gamma tocopherol. Camelina is classified as a stable oil because of its oxidative stability, giving it an incredible shelf life.

Where can you buy Camelina oil? 

Excel Supplements camelina oil is available for direct purchase on our website in 1 gallon and 5 gallon quantities. You can also find our products through Tractor Supply’s online store. Here you can order and pick up at your local Tractor Supply location.

What makes Excel’s Camelina oil different?

All of Excel’s Camelina oils are grown, controlled, and monitored by Excel. Starting with the Camelina sativa seeds to bottling and shipping of the finished product, Excel controls the entire process.

Also, Excel uses company specific cold pressing techniques that do not require a heating system when we produce our oil. Every time your horse eats Excel’s camelina oil, you can be sure you are receiving a quality oil.

In addition, we do not purchase outside ingredients from other companies to make our products. In our production process, no other ingredient but Excel’s crop, is used in the manufacturing of Excel’s oil. Because of this, we guarantee that our refined oils are show/competition safe, including FEI horses.

ExcelEQ ProElite’s Camelina oil introduces CamOlive™ , which is a unique extract of olive triterpenes. These olive triterpenes have capabilities to further reduce inflammation capabilities in Excel’s camelina oil, making it one of a kind.

An increased amount of triterpenes in Excel’s oil allows for a quicker recovery of muscles post-workout. It also helps reinforce the immune system, which provides more protection against stomach irritation and ulcers.

Excel’s camelina oil is not your average plant based omega-3/vitamin e supplement. With over 20+ years of experience with our company owned crop, we produce nothing but quality. Quality ingredients make quality products. 

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