PSSM Horses in a pasture next to a fence

PSSM In The Horse By: Dr. Julie Vargas, DVM What is PSSM? Polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM) is characterized by the abnormal accumulation of muscle glycogen. Glycogen is the storage form of sugar in muscles. This abnormality in glycogen metabolism damages skeletal muscle and leads to painful episodes of tying up. There are two forms of […]

Our New Normal: COVID-19, Quarantine and Horse Shows Post-Shutdown.

English Rider 860 on an Excel Supplements Performance Horse

Our New Normal: COVID-19, Quarantine and Horse Shows Post-Shutdown. By: Taylor Czesnik      Emma Callanan is an Excel Supplements sponsored junior rider.   Q: How have you enjoyed being back so far? It’s been a couple of months since horse showing began and ended because of COVID-19. Emma: It was nice to have a […]

Managing Horses in Hot Weather

Spycoast Farms Performance Stables sponsored by Excel Supplements

How to Manage Horses in Hot Weather By: Nicole Mandracchia I grew up in New Jersey, which has its moments of extreme temperatures. Every so often, we will have a summer that has several weeks of extreme heat (90+ degrees) and high humidity. It makes you immediately regret your choice to be outside. The minute […]

Are You Really Ready to Show?

Brown Horse in a Horse Show

Are you really ready to show? By: Nicole Mandracchia Hey guys! It’s Nicole Mandracchia again. Horse people have been waiting patiently for the return of horse shows, and for many they have finally returned! On June 1st, US Equestrian lifted all point restrictions that were placed on horse shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any […]

Plenty To See And Do During Sun Circuit At WestWorld

Western Rider Winning

Horse Enthusiasts Have Plenty to See and Do During Sun Circuit in WestWorld By: Tabitha Smith Arizona Sun Circuit Quarter Horse Show The Arizona Sun Circuit Quarter Horse Show rolls into Scottsdale’s WestWorld for 10 days of action and excitement February 28 through March 8. While the finest Quarter Horses from all over the US […]

ExcelEQ ProElite™’s Newest Partner—Shine Hoof Oil!

Hoof Shine Article

No Hoof, No Horse! By: Nicole Mandracchia Have you ever heard the saying, “No hoof, no horse?” The definition of that phrase is this: if your horse does not have solid, healthy feet, then your horse is more susceptible to soundness issues and may be unable to perform his job. Does your horse suffer from […]

COVID-19 and Horse Farm Prevention

COVID-19 and Horse Farm Prevention

Covid-19 and Horse Farm Prevention By: Taylor Czesnik There’s been a common thought going on over the past few weeks with the current global crisis over COVID-19; that being, what the h%$# 2020?!  As much as we asked 2020 to sit down and not touch anything, it seems as if that’s exactly what it’s asking […]

What is Camelina Oil?

Camelina Oil

What is Camelina Oil? By: Nicole Mandracchia As horse people, we are familiar with different types of oils and their benefits for our horses: flax oil, fish oil, corn oil, rice bran oil, wheat germ oil, soy oil, etc. But there is a new type of oil that has recently taken the horse world by […]

“When it’s not fun, we go home.”

Brown Horse looking out window

“When it’s not fun, we go home.” By: Taylor Czesnik “When it’s not fun, we go home.” Those were the precise words my parents repeatedly told me growing up when it came to horse showing.  My 11-year old Children’s hunter self couldn’t handle it when I received a ribbon I felt wasn’t good enough; and […]

FEI Show Safe

What Does FEI Show Safe Really Mean? By: Dr. Julie Vargas, DVM How many equine competitors know the rules and regulations surrounding the supplements they use? Finding products that are guaranteed regulation safe for top performance horses can be hard, even for the most seasoned horse owner. From herbal supplements to commonly used medicines, all […]