5 Feeding Tips: How to feed your horse like a top athlete

1. Feed any GI medications BEFORE grain and hay.

Do you use Gastrogard or Ulcergard on your horse? If so, for best results, research shows that when you administer these medications (omeprazole), you should leave a 60-90 minute window before feeding a meal. This method is key to treating gastric ulcers effectively.

2. Feed hay at least 30 minutes before grain.

According to a 2020 study posted in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science,
It was shown that “feeding a small amount of hay before feeding a meal of moderate starch and sugar content reduced the negative effects of rapid starch and sugar fermentation in the equine digestive tract”. (Read Full Study > https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32067663/ )
Not to mention, this technique can also be used as a management tool to slow down the rapid intake of food. This is an especially good tool for horses that are prone to rushing through their meals.

3. Wet your grain prior to feeding, allowing time for pellets to expand.

wet grain before feeding

Our horses’ digestion tract is much better at digesting wet food than dry food. Because our horses have an extremely delicate GI tract, wetting pelleted grain can assist with protecting your horse from unwanted complications such as colic or choking. Wetting grain can also assist in additional water intake, to help your horse’s digestion process. Allow 3-5 minutes for pellets to expand in water before feeding.

4. Avoid feeding NSAIDs on an empty stomach.

Don't feed grain on an empty stomach

To steer clear of upset stomach and other feeding complications, it is important to feed your horse their medication in conjunction with food. If you are administering medications orally, be sure that the horse has eaten prior and its mouth is free of food. Topping off your horse’s feed with ExcelEQ camelina oil is a great way to cover up medications for your picky eaters!

5. Use ExcelEQ or ExcelEQ ProElite to help with digestion during feeding time.

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Adding one of Excel’s camelina oil formulas to your horse’s diet can help ease their stomach during feeding time. Filled with natural anti-inflammatory properties and a yummy taste- horses will lick their feed tubs clean!
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