Dog Arthritis Pain Relief: ExcelK9

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Does my dog have arthritis?” Dog arthritis is tough for owners to handle as their pets age. It’s not uncommon in senior pups that have difficulty getting up or down the stairs, into a car seat, etc. These actions can cause pain when aging joints are overused. Fortunately, there is ExcelK9 camelina oil which provides arthritis relief without affecting your dog’s digestive tract!

Dog Arthritis Treatment
"Sadie" repping her ExcelK9 and Modern Mare bandana!

What are dog arthritis symptoms?

It can be hard to tell if our pups are in pain. However, there are many ways that dogs joints will let them know they’re hurting. From slowness on walks and getting up/down stairs, to decreased interest in toys or food! Some of the most common signs include longer time getting up after lying down and difficulty with stairs (or anything else involving mobility). ExcelK9 is the perfect addition that they will love to their breakfast and dinner that easily soothes pain with no side effects.

How can you get pain relief for your dog’s arthritis?

There are many NSAIDs on the market that can help relieve your dog’s joint pain, but this can greatly affect their digestive tract. Luckily, Excels camelina oil can help treat arthritis in the most serious cases! If your dog suffers from serious arthritis, you should be relieved to know there is an all-natural solution.  ExcelK9 helps soothe joint pain and in turn relieves arthritic symptoms. Made of omega 3 and vitamin E, this ingredient can give dogs arthritis relief for even the most severe cases.

How can you help dogs with their joints at home?

When you are dealing with dog arthritis, it is important to make sure their environment is friendly for their lack of mobility. Moving all of your dogs personal items like food and toys into one room on the ground floor so they can easily get around. Of course, adding a simple component to their diet is an easy and safe way to give your dog the pain relief they are waiting for. 

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Chestnut horse with Excel Pro Elite Camelina Oil horse supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9.

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