Dog Arthritis Pain Relief: ExcelK9

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Does my dog have arthritis?” Arthritis refers to joint inflammation and pain caused by cartilage change that leads to an uncomfortable rubbing within the joint. Arthritis is tough for dog owners to handle as their pets age. Fortunately, ExcelK9 camelina oil provides relief for arthritic dogs without affecting your their digestive tract!

Dog Arthritis Treatment
"Sadie" repping her ExcelK9 and Modern Mare bandana!

What are dog arthritis symptoms?

It can be hard to tell if our pups are in pain but their joints often give it away. There are a number of signs your dog can exhibit when experiencing arthritis. Symptoms can include:

  • slowness on walks
  • trouble getting up/down stairs
  • decreased interest in toys or food

How can you get pain relief for your dog’s arthritis? 


NSAID stands for non steroidal anti inflammatory drug. There are many NSAIDs on the market that are known to treat arthritis in dogs. However, these can greatly affect their digestive tract.

Physical Medication

  • Acupuncture
  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic work
  • Hydrotherapy – the use of water treadmills


Luckily, Excels camelina oil can help treat arthritis in the most serious cases! If your dog suffers from serious arthritis, you should be relieved to know there is an all-natural solution. ExcelK9 is the perfect addition to your dog’s breakfast and dinner. Your pup will not only love the taste of ExcelK9 but how easily it can soothe pain with no side effects.

How it Helps

ExcelK9 helps reduce inflammation and soothe joint pain. Decreasing this inflammation in turn relieves arthritic symptoms. Made of an optimized balance of omega fatty acids and vitamin E this joint supplement exceeds others. Excel Supplements ingredient can provide relief for dogs who suffer from arthritis, even the most severe cases.

How can you help dogs with their joint health at home?

When dealing with dog arthritis, it is important to make sure their environment caters to their lack of mobility. Moving all of your dog’s personal items can help with this. Additionally, there is the option of adding an easy component to their diet such as ExcelK9. Here are some at home suggestions:

  • Move all items for pet to one floor of the house to avoid stair use if possible
  • Soft, padded bedding
  • Raised water and food bowls
  • Non skid floor surfaces

Try ExcelK9 Today!

ExcelK9 helps reduce inflammation and soothe joint pain. Made of an optimized balance of omega fatty acids and vitamin E this joint supplement exceeds others.

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